Meetings on Skype, Google Hangouts and other Internet video communication centers should be taken as seriously (or even more so) than regular in-person meetings. When you conduct a meeting wherein someone is looking directly AT YOU from their computer screen you might as well be under a microscope. Not only can they see every flaw about you, but everything that surrounds you, is on your desk and is over your shoulder. YES. Over your shoulder. If you are considering becoming members on any of the newer websites that offer patient concierge services or are being interviewed on-line by a national news organization, here are the TOP THINGS TO CONSIDER WITH ON-LINE INTERVIEWS.

Photo credit Jonathan Pendleton.
Photo credit Jonathan Pendleton.
  1. Dress professionally. Either in a business suit, white coat or even scrubs.
  2. Make sure your name is obvious. Embroider it on your white coat or scrubs, display it on your desk, or even along the sides of your glasses if you wear them.
  3. Hair and make-up is very important. Keep it clean, keep it fresh. Brush your teeth, making sure to not have any trapped food, especially in your front teeth.
  4. Position yourself so that you are seated at a good height in front of the camera so that you are not continually leaning forward and peering into the computer screen. Also, try and hold still and appear relaxed. The bandwidth of the Internet connection rarely moves as fast as you do and you will appear both jumpy and delayed to the viewer.
  5. Set up a pre-call with yourself so that you can view what a patient or caller will see when they connect with you.
  6. Make sure the space around you that is in the lens of the camera is tidy. Do not have any patient charts on your desk or any clutter surrounding you.
  7. Be seated in a position where nobody will be walking behind you at any time during the conversation. You should be the ONLY person on the camera, unless it has already been arranged for more than one person to be on the video call.
  8. Do not sit against a window with a view to the street or a view where there is any activity going on behind you.
  9. Be sensitive to how what you are wearing is to the viewer. Male docs – keep the hairy chest covered. Female docs – no cleavage.
  10. Most of all be prepared, be relaxed, be on time and be present.

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