By now, we all know that every practice and business should have a web presence. But if you haven’t upgraded your site to include video or social media, you may be limiting your practice and excluding prospective valuable patients. The internet is now our main tool for researching everything. When we need a doctor, we want to find one with a useful, up-to-date website. But now, in the age of social media, a plain website isn’t enough. When your practice has video associated with its content, you are much more likely to show up on the first page of that all-important Google search, automatically placing you ahead of the rest. Imagine smartphone and tablet users pulling up your videos and sharing them. Imagine creating your own YouTube channel featuring your practice and having viewers Tweet about it to their families. This can be your practice and it doesn’t have to be difficult to achieve. In fact, it can be the most fun part of your marketing strategy.

It is difficult to know what to do first if there isn’t a Cameron or Coppola in the family. As a result many practices are tempted to self-produce videos to minimize cost.

Jim Sanders, of Reel Ideas, a Pasadena-based production company advises doctors and business owners to exercise caution when deciding to go ahead on their own. “You can always give video a go yourself and take a look at the finished piece to determine whether you want to use it. But remember, your video might be the only glance that prospective patients give your practice. It should reflect the very best quality possible. This is your reputation and your life’s work, after all,” stated Sanders.

If you are not deterred, Sanders offers a few quick tips:

  • Start by creating an outline. Identify your target audience and list your specific objectives.
  • Take an inventory of information you may want to include, such as photographs, awards, newspaper and magazine articles and mentions. And, of course, testimonies from colleagues and patients are invaluable.
  • Making good quality video is usually accomplished by experienced people. It is not only a complex technological process, it is also an art. Professionals know how to simplify the process and get great results with fewer headaches.

There are now over 1 billion users on Facebook. By the end of this year there will be over 220 million Twitter users. YouTube has hundreds of millions of users and uploads 48 hours of content every minute. If you think that social media is not for you or your practice, think again. Videos are a crucial extension of your medical practice on the Internet. This is where your patients are. Ignoring it means ignoring your practice and your business, as well as its healthy future. To reach Jim go to

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