What Employees DO When YOU Are Not In The Office!

Many of us think that the best way to get a staff member to do a good job is to watch over their shoulder and give constant direction. However, according to a study authored by Harvard Business School Professor Ethan Bernstein, that assumption couldn’t be further from the truth.

The study lasted five months and the staff were shielded from their manager. Here are the details:

1. 10 to 15% were more productive than those staff members being observed

2. The employees were more resourceful and thought decisively when left alone

3. Workers were more efficient as they felt less pressured

4. Camaraderie among workers was higher

Next time you’re out of town make sure you have left clear instructions on the work you expect to be accomplished during your absence. Then go and enjoy your trip with the assurance that while the cat’s away, the mice will most likely get the job done.

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