Jill Tucker has been a nurse for over twenty-five years, the majority of those years in the plastic surgery field in New York City. After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing at DePaul University in Chicago, IL, Jill relocated to New York and began her career as an Operating Room Nurse with The Hospital for Special Surgery. She then moved on to a role as an Occupational Health Nurse, working in the medical departments of Fortune 500 corporations. During that period Jill was also part of a team that promoted and led blood donor drives for New York Blood Services.

However, it was while working as a Private Duty Nurse on the Upper East Side of Manhattan that Jill gained valuable insight into the special needs of her patients—both in pre-surgery preparedness and consultation, and in post-surgical care and recovery. Using this knowledge, and networking with some of the city’s top nursing talent, Jill has now meticulously assembled a select staff of health care professionals that offer round-the-clock nursing and care services to a broad spectrum of patients and medical specialties.

“I’m a later-in-life entrepreneur,” says Jill. “My early work in medical facilities certainly prepared me for the work I do now. I never realized, however, how exciting being an entrepreneur could be.”

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Jill Tucker, RN

Jill and her team of RN’s, LPN’s, CNA’s, Visiting Nurses, Aides, Medical Assistants, Home Companions and Therapists, can be scheduled to cover any area of medicine but they choose to specialize in pre- and post-operative plastic surgery care, orthopedic recovery, long-term home care, IV antibiotic therapy at home, and operating room staffing.

“Generally I am recommended by the plastic surgeon or orthopedic surgeon who has performed the operation on the patient,” continued Jill. “However, elective surgery is a small world and many patients refer me to their family and friends once they hear that they are also having surgery.”

According to Jill, who now practices in New York City and Washington, DC hiring a recovery nurse to come to the patient’s home is a fast growing business as hospital stays and over-night recovery facilities are becoming much more costly due to the changes in health insurance. For a patient, it is far more comfortable, as well as being convenient and cost-effective, to hire a nurse to stay overnight or attend to them daily, whatever medical after-care the procedure requires.

As a concierge home care nursing service Jill offers the highest quality health care professionals to a very discerning clientele. Much like other exclusive and affluent communities, her patients in New York and Washington have done their homework when it comes to aesthetic surgery. Their expectations are often high and, as they paying out of pocket for a treatment, they are not willing to accept a hospital mentality when it comes to their personal care. Jill Tucker Nursing care is customized for each patient’s medical need. Conditions are assessed and options and procedures are discussed in advance as Jill is a firm believer that pre-operative consultations not only better inform the patient, but also help to reduce stress before surgery. She also discusses with the patient any preventative care and preparation for surgery, medical health history, medical facilities and any alternative care options. In addition, all aspects of health care coverage is carefully coordinated and overseen by Jill.

As well as home health care services, Jill Tucker Nursing also provides services to international travelers and business professionals. Nursing Services are available to guests staying at the finest five-star hotels in Manhattan and Washington DC.

So what keeps Jill Tucker in high demand?

Concierge nursing has been quietly increasing across the nation. However, the significant increase in hospital care costs, as well as the concern among patients and doctors of the heightened risk of infections being found among patients at hospitals and surgery centers has made at-home nursing even more important.

“All aspects of the patient’s health care after surgery care is completely personalized by me,” said Jill “Once a nurse always a nurse, the concerns and comfort of the patient are always placed first. That’s our team motto and what’s keeps my business thriving.”

To learn more about Jill visit www.jilltuckernursing.com.



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