360 Is The New 20/20

Implicit Care, LLC is proud to announce a true breakthrough in health and beauty imaging with the first ever 360-degree, High-Definition image capturing system, the IC360™. Exhibited for the first time to members of the prestigious American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, on May 15th at their  annual Meeting in Montreal, Canada, this revolutionary new system creates the opportunity to see one’s self as never before, in stunning augmented real imagery, without traditional, 2D limitations.

“Until now, there have only been static (photos) or computer-generated imagery (CGI) available to medical and health & beauty professionals in diagnosing and assessing medical and cosmetic progress of these older technology options, the results of which are inconsistent, even on their best days,” said Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and innovator of the IC360™, Dr. Gregory Mueller. “With the IC360™, all parties involved can view a dynamic, immersive and consistent High-Definition 360 degree image that will allow the viewer to compare exact and symmetrically equivalent pre-and-post surgery results, as well as other aesthetic treatment images, with100 percent accuracy.”

According to Dr. Mueller, the IC360™ is a system that easily fits into any 6’x 6′ space. It is outfitted with sophisticated, automated digital cameras that rotate a full 360 degrees around the patient as they simply stand or sit in the interactive environment. The IC360™ then captures high-quality video from various angles at an astounding 900 frames per session. Proprietary software processes and integrates the captured imagery into unified files that capture the subject in perfect symmetry.  The images, when taken over a period of time, will show the patient a very accurate and complete picture of their before and after progress.

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Dr. Mueller is a passionate and relentless innovator.  A successful Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who had already developed another popular surgical instrument, ICLED™, Dr. Mueller realized that there was no medical imaging system available that could fully enable him to accurately display true before-and-after images of his surgical procedures. From that motivation, the IC360™ was born.

The IC360 technology has broad clinical advantages for diverse medical and health applications.  For example, cosmetic surgery patients will have the ability to see the results of their procedures in 3D reality, in ultra-high definition.  Fitness centers and trainers will be able to use the IC360™ to show clients detailed progress with weight loss and muscle-training regimens. Dermatologists will more easily document and track skin changes to help prevent and detect skin cancer and other epidermal conditions. In fact, almost all medical specialties will benefit from the IC360™ accuracy in image documentation. Consumers will love the platform for its ease of use when it comes to personal medical/health and beauty record keeping.  Significantly, IC360™, subjects will be able to access their images through a mobile application that will be available on all web-enabled devices.

“In a society that values self-image highly and demands that technology keeps up with its needs, the IC360 is the first system of its kind to offer everyone an all-encompassing  view into their personal health or beauty journeys,” added Dr. Mueller. “We are excited that patients can now SEE themselves like never before, only with the IC360™!”

Based in Hollywood, CA, Implicit Care LLC is a world leader in developing advanced surgical technologies that include the IC360™ Image System, the ICLED™ Surgical Device and launching Fall 2015, Virtual Reality Surgical Training System. To learn more visit www.touchup90210.com.


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