While all faces may have been created equally, advances in facial rejuvenation have not.

Traditionally if a person was attempting to reverse facial aging through surgery, an invasive facelift procedure requiring anesthesia and a hospital stay would be the norm. With the advent of fillers and neurotoxins, non-invasive facelifts also became popular and were hyped by the media as a replacement for the facelift of old, however, a minimal approach also meant minimal results.

Now, in a new twist on facial age reversal Dr. James Newman a Palo Alto, California based board certified facial plastic surgeon and clinical faculty member at prestigious Stanford University, has taken a unique approach to the ‘non-surgical early intervention’ concept of facial aging with a technique referred to as the Palo Alto Lift. www.PremierPlasticSurgery.com

Dr. Newman, who has been in practice for over 15 years and with extensive experience in advanced plastic surgery techniques, laser therapies, injectables and skin care, has created custom treatment plans for early age maintenance for patients who want to preserve their natural look, while combatting the inevitable issues which occur with aging.

“Practicing in the heart of Silicon Valley is a challenge as most of my patients live extremely hectic lifestyles and they want minimal downtime, natural results and with maximum improvement,” said Dr. Newman. “It only made sense to provide this unique and driven patient base with a procedure that could give them all the benefits of a facelift, without any of the downtime and recovery one would normally expect.”

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Dr. James Newman – Palo Alto, CA.

According to Dr. Newman, the Palo Alto Lift gives patients a restoration, or maintenance, of their youth by exercising precise judgment when it comes to the combination of procedures used to obtain the best results. The Palo Alto Lift utilizes an array of energy based devices such as lasers and radiofrequency technologies, with natural volume replacement, selected dermal fillers and softening of the skin tissue with the use of neuromodulators and advanced medical skin care regimens. By combining these treatments in proper prescribed doses, Dr. Newman is able to achieve maintenance of natural youth and beauty without any significant loss of time from work or lifestyle – an absolute must for professionals in Silicon Valley.

“Northern California is generally more conservative than other parts of the US especially when it comes to cosmetic surgery. A conservative approach is the only approach,” laughed Dr. Newman. “Also, I have a patient base that is surrounded daily by the most advanced technology in the world, so it is only natural that they expect their surgeon to use state-of-the-art medical technologies to help them maintain their youthful look.”

To residents of Silicon Valley, home to executives of major technology corporations such as Google, Yahoo and Apple, as well as a host of venture capital companies and banking institutes, money is not the issue, but youth and time is. Keeping up with the young in face and heart comes easily to Dr. Newman who spends one third of his time on campus at Stanford University where he meets daily with the best minds in technology. Their requirement to him – you keep us looking vibrant and energetic and without time off from work, and we will become loyal patients. Thus, the Palo Alto Lift was borne.

The Palo Alto lift has three main components:

1. The Skin: Skin Tissue on the face is the foundation for a youthful appearance. While sun damage can cause premature aging, so can dehydration and the use of incorrect skin products. Providing patients with a regimen of proven topical skin care remedies is step one.
2. The Skin Outside & Under: Surface skin on the face is often damaged by sun exposure which causes fine lines, wrinkles, dull skin and blemishes. Application of the correct combination of laser light and radio frequency technology to remove sun damage, stimulate deep collagen and improve skin elasticity and texture is step two.
3. The Volume: Youth is depicted as a full, almost cherubic appearance to the cheeks, along with plump skin tissue. The right combination of injectable natural fat, platelet gel with hyaluronic gel and with neuromodulators can replace lost volume, decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles and smooth overactive muscles which cause further wrinkling.

“For patients in their 3rd or 4th decade of life who start with the Palo Alto Lift program, I can say that they will most likely not have to go into the operating room, or under the knife to improve their appearance for a long time,” said Dr. Newman. “In fact, I can keep them looking fresh and natural for a lifetime with a few minimal procedures.”

Dr Newman states that his Palo Alto Lift has developed from listening to the needs of his patients and the self-referral network of one patient to another which has benefited thousands of patients and has allowed his practice to thrive discreetly in the heart of Silicon Valley, one of the most competitive communities in the nation.

To learn more visit: www.PremierPlasticSurgery.com

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