Cherie Dobbs is well known in the aesthetic medical and med spa industry.  For over twenty four years she has been a notable formulator, developer and educator on skin care.  She is also the founder of Dermastart, Inc –  ClearChoice and Prana SpaCeuticals.

From the age of ten Cherie was influenced by her mother who worked in the beauty industry. As Cherie notes, “ I grew up in Newport Beach, California with a mother who worked in the beauty industry and I was surrounded by a fantastic combination of exotic and international people who, in my eyes as a ten years old, were the most beautiful and breathtaking people you could imagine.”

As a young girl, Cherie accepted that beauty just happened. She thought that everyone was born beautiful and it wasn’t until she reached her teen years that she realized that true outer beauty is a combination of maintaining what you have, avoiding over-exposure to the sun, combined with a little added help from high quality beauty products. This was the catalyst that inspired her to focus her career in the aesthetic beauty industry.


Beginning in the sales of facial implants, laser technology and a variety of other aesthetic treatments, Cherie quickly realized that her passion was in the science of skin care and decided to train as a clinical aesthetician. She knew that was just the starting point and that she needed to be the most knowledgeable person in the room when it came to developing and distributing skin care products that were safe and effective. As she had developed an extensive network of aesthetic surgeons from her sales days, Cherie found she could draw upon the great wealth of knowledge these doctors held. She also found that many of them were not only willing to allow her to “pick their brain” as she puts it, but also openly introduce her to some of the proven and newer product ingredients that were not yet commercially available.

“When I first started Dermastart I did not have the range of products that I do now,” said Cherie. “I realized from day one that the only way I could effectively compete against the larger, better resourced and established skin care companies, was by having a fanatical focus on detail and quality.”

It is an old chestnut that ‘knowledge is power’, but one that always holds true even today. Cherie’s ability to take the time to learn about and understand ingredients and formulations has allowed her to better lead the scientific development of the DermaStart product and team, and to create unique and top selling skin care products. Now known for her development of a broad range of advanced skin care products that often include new to market clinical grade ingredients, Cherie notes that although counter intuitive, her success as one of the top US  skincare companies is because she is fiercely and proudly old fashioned!

“One of my guiding principals at Dermastart is that we only deliver products that work,” explained Cherie. “It’s easy to create a beautiful package with a liquid that feels and smells nice, but it is incredibly difficult to consistently develop and deliver truly effective products that customers love.”

It is a known fact that the whole aesthetic industry is currently beginning to feel the first tremors of massive and dynamically progressive change.  Many skincare and other aesthetic manufacturers and vendors within the industry are being purchased and absorbed into the mega-medical companies, as well as non-traditional corporate America. By all appearances, the aesthetic industry might be seeing a return the early years only a few vendors controlled the market.

Cherie is positioned well because her boutique skincare products sold under the ClearChoice, and Prana SpaCeuticals brands, as well as her rapidly growing private labeling capabilities, helps her customers keep their product mix select and exclusive, further defining their aesthetic medical spas and medical practices as unique, special and different.

A great example of this is the recently launched peels that have a two- unit dosage.  The usage guidelines make DermaStart peels easy to use and the patient results are impressive. Of equal importance to all med-spa and aesthetic medical practice customers, is that these are very profitable items.

Another spectacular hit is the Sport  Shield SPF,  a product category in its own right that is now seen and accepted by all ClearChoice and Prana SpaCeuticals consumers as a must have item for all seasons.

As Cherie points out, skin care products if correctly managed by a practice or med spa, can be a very important and significant part of recurring residual income. It is also another reason for continuing patient engagement and interaction further helping develop better patient relations.

“I know our success is in great part that we don’t treat our customers as a destination that we ‘just’ ship product to,” said Cherie. “If our customers allow us, we like to work as partners and help them manage product inventory, all the way up to educational events. Quite simply if our customers do well, so do we.”

With the new educational program Cherie is rolling out called Face Detailing™, she is sure to keep customers very happy.  Face Detailing™ aims to help esthetician’s understand how to assess skin better… creating client loyalty and individual results driven goals.

Dermastart Inc- ClearChoice and Prana SpaCeuticals are headquartered in Winter Garden, Florida.

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