When Laurence Rifkin, DDS says “we strive to deliver perfection in every smile and pleasure in every visit”, he’s not kidding. Dr. Laurence Rifkin has been practicing dentistry in Beverly Hills for close to four decades and continues to rank, if not lead, as one of the top cosmetic dentists in the world.

Dr. Laurence Rifkin, Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist
Dr. Laurence Rifkin, Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist.

From the moment you walk into his posh office on tony Camden Drive in Beverly Hills where you are always greeted by a bouquet of the most exquisite and exotic flowers which stand poised in front of a sweeping panoramic view of Beverly Hills, Sunset Boulevard and the gorgeous Santa Monica mountain range, you know you have found a small slice of Nirvana. If you are lucky, Dr. Rifkin will give you a tour of Suite 1200, his private celebrity patient space on the other side of the building with views as opposite and diverse – vistas of the Hollywood sign and all the way to the sky scraper towers of Downtown Los Angeles – as his treatment center.

Known through Hollywood circles and the Jet Set Who’s Who as one of dentistry’s most creative and private individuals, Dr. Rifkin is often seen on the sets of Hollywood movies creating special effects in movies such as The Hangover, and you might bump into an A List actor, European Princess or a genuine Rock Star on any given day at his office.

But it’s not his social grace or easy charm that makes him so successful, although granted it helps a lot! It is his constant pursuit of perfection in all aspects of his life and his work that makes him the crème de la crème. As a dental industry leader and advocate of true facial harmony, Laurence Rifkin, DDS has paved the way for aesthetic surgeons and aesthetic dentists to bring together the perfect balance of form and function ever before dreamed possible in the human face.

“When I first reached out to the cosmetic surgery world I was welcomed because of my approach to patient care and cosmetic dentistry but was not immediately included as an integral part of a patient’s aesthetic health and well-being,” recalls Dr. Rifkin. “It took me lecturing on “form and function” at many aesthetic congresses worldwide, and arranging my own educational courses to help other doctors understand the importance of dentistry when it comes to facial support during facelifts and other forms of facial aesthetic surgery.”

As such, many patients now visit Dr. Rifkin before visiting a plastic surgeon to make sure that their dental work is complete and ready to lay the framework for a facelift.

69,121 and counting… that’s the actual number of individual patients who have received care from Dr. Rifkin and, given his lust for life and natural high energy that number will continue to grow. Although trained as a dentist Dr. Rifkin’s complete understanding of the function of the head and neck goes far beyond teeth and gums. He fully “gets” how the teeth and jaw support the soft tissue of the face, as well as how misaligned teeth can cause stress and tension on the face and neck that not only contribute to problems such as TMJ or TMD, but can also be responsible for premature aging of the face. The ability to achieve a natural-looking smile is considered the holy grail of aesthetic dentistry because it takes knowledge of the underlying skeletal form, the natural draping of soft tissue and the proportions of other facial features such as the nose, the eyes, the lips and the ears. It also takes a complete understanding of appearance and aesthetics to achieve superior results.

Dr. Rifkin has surrounded himself with a team of skilled artists, professionals and the latest in technology and dental innovation to deftly capture the elusive beauty of nature which can be seen in the smile of every one of his patients.

At the pinnacle of his career Dr. Rifkin is excited to share with others the secret to success. “Many people ask what the secret to my success is. To me, it’s no secret, I simply love what I do,” said Dr. Rifkin. “Every day I wake up excited to go to the office and see my patients. Every sunrise is a new opportunity for me to better someone’s life whether it’s by improving their dental health, or by improving their self-esteem.”

Success to Dr. Rifkin isn’t just about the end result for the patient, the entire journey is just as important and in his quest for perfection, he attends to every detail personally.

“I start by involving my patients. I take the time to hear them. My initial consultation consists of asking questions, gathering details, taking lots of photographs and having conversations about what their needs are,” continued Dr. Rifkin. “I then create a computer presentation that identifies their conditions, confirms their personal goals and outlines my recommendations. There is a personalized design DNA in every patient’s smile and I use that to create the ultimate blueprint for each individual smile.”

Dr. Rifkin utilizes microscope technology to create perfect and natural smiles.
Dr. Rifkin utilizes microscope technology to create perfect and natural smiles.

Doing a personal Power Point presentation for each and every patient can take a good deal of time, but it can also pay dividends in patient satisfaction. As we always say, an educated patient is a happy patient. You can see the same detail in other aspects of his practice. Each treatment room has a large HD screen TV and it’s not for watching cartoons. It’s so patients can see in detail any problems associated with their teeth. The TV’s are hooked up to the state-of-the-art microscope Dr. Rifkin employs during his most intricate and precise procedures. Not only can he see a problem area through the microscope, but he can magnify it to such a degree that there is little or no room for error. He can better diagnose decay, cracks and other pathologies that may escape detection without this form of magnification, and it also allows him to be gentle to the teeth and gum tissues, as well as providing an accurate restoration. In addition, Dr. Rifkin has his own lab and technicians that make dental restorations such as crowns and veneers on site, which is just another way to ensure that the patient receives the ultimate in care and service. Dr. Rifkin knows that patients come to see him because they consider him a master architect who is executing their vision. Surrounding himself with an expert team makes the unrivaled.

Dr. Laurence Rifkin sculpting another masterpiece at his studio in California.
Dr. Laurence Rifkin sculpting another masterpiece at his studio in California.

Aside from being a master dentist, Dr. Rifkin is also an author, lecturer, educator and a professional sculptor with many of his pieces in private collections world-wide. This accomplished man has distinguished himself in one of the most competitive markets in the world – Beverly Hills, and all without the aid of advertising. By integrating his artistic background to create beautiful, natural smiles and his humble and modest personal nature of good will and good care, Dr. Rifkin brings to his patients and his practice an all-encompassing philosophy of absolute and on-going perfection.

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