Does The Competition Have More Money? Who Cares!

Worrying about how much money the competition has to spend will only give you one result – a headache!

Instead why don’t you think about the things you can do to effectively build and service your patient base. Stop wasting time and energy and use these tips to get proactive about your success.

  1. Dedicate time every day to attracting new patients, servicing the patients you have, and selling future surgeries/treatments.
  2. Determine how you can distinguish your practice from the competition. What makes YOU unique?
  3. Don’t ignore the competition. Watch what they do to see what you can do to leverage your sales and patient service opportunities.
  4. Consider the best marketing options available to you and set in writing a clear strategy with achievable goals.

Regardless of changing attitudes, social media trends and virtual consulting programs, medicine, especially aesthetic medicine, is still a people-centric and caring business where patients expect a doctor to treat them with the upmost respect and a premium level of importance.

Don’t forget…. where there’s love there’s money.