History was made at the California Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (CACS) Meeting that was held in Newport Beach last year according to Las Vegas based Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Edward Zimmerman. Zimmerman was part of the lecturing faculty at this annual event and demonstrated the latest techniques in injectable and laser surgery to the physician audience utilizing a beta version of the new PivotHead Smart Glasses.

This first-of-its-kind technology allowed Dr. Zimmerman to wear a lightweight pair of “glasses” that connected wirelessly to a computer placed within 10-15 yards away from him. He was then able to stream real time a surgeon’s view of the procedure at 1080i HD 24 fps onto screens adjacent to the demonstration stage.  Course attendees were able to see  exactly what Dr. Zimmerman was seeing during injection demonstrations of facial fillers, laser treatments and sclerotherapy treatments from the comfort of their chairs.

PivotHead Smart technology, while initially developed as a competitor to helmet cameras, has the potential to revolutionize real time teaching and monitoring of aesthetic and other surgeries.  According to Zimmerman, real time evaluations and procedures could be viewed by supervising physicians, medical students and educators from literally anywhere in the world at any time!  The technology can work with any local computer network or hot spot and costs under $1000.

Production units similar to the unit below are likely to be available in early 2015.  See www.pivothead.com.

For more information: Dr. Zimmerman 702-872-3646 or  www.zimmermanmd.com.

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