Let’s face it, we have thousands of sun screens to choose from. Besides keeping our complexions free from sun damage, editors at Aesthetic Insider News also have other things they look for in sunscreen. After two months of trials with a variety of top aesthetic industry competitors, they voted HydraFacial MD as Number 1.  Why?  “It was smooth and non-greasy to touch and blended well with my make-up.” “It did not cause any irritation on my face or neck.” “I wore it during a 5 hour hike on a sunny day and did not get sun-burned.” “I just loved the way it felt on my skin.”  These are just a few quotes from our editorial team.  To try this product yourself, you can order it at www.hydrafacial.com.


hydrafacial product detail.

Disclaimer: This commentary is based on actual personal use by the editorial team at Aesthetic Insider. We do not endorse use of this or any other sunscreen and do not accept responsibility of use and/or the personal experience of any other individual.


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