Although a relative newcomer to the aesthetic industry, AestheticLink, a cloud-based integrated patient engagement and practice management technology, is taking the aesthetic industry by storm.

Victor Gane, Ph.D., and his Silicon Valley-based team have been working with many well-respected aesthetic physicians and leading practices to develop this industry-changing technology. AestheticLink has not only changed how patients and aesthetic physicians interact pre- and post-surgery, but has also created the only all-in-one technology solution in the aesthetic industry. AestheticLink includes patient concierge services, practice management and inventory control, marketing and social media integration, and EHR (Electronic Health Record) tools.

“We are now able to help doctors create better, longer lasting relationships with their patients,” explained Gane. “They are able to manage every important detail of their patient’s in-office and online engagement in a seamless technology solution that they can literally manage from their smartphone.”

AestheticLink’s users frequently compare the technology with iconic companies like Apple that are known for impeccable design and user-friendly products. AestheticLink provides a complete technology solution that efficiently manages crucial information required to run an aesthetic practice successfully. AestheticLink’s proprietary technology is cloud-based and allows a doctor to manage a practice from any tablet, smartphone or computer. AestheticLink is smart, fast and cost-effective, and has effectively condensed the complex management of a practice into four simple integrated components:

Patient Concierge Service

AestheticLink’s patient concierge service makes it easy for aesthetic physicians and patients to interact in a secure, private, and efficient environment. It is HIPAA compliant and endorsed by leading malpractice insurance companies. Everything from online consultations, to post-surgery follow-up, patient preferences, future treatment requests, and referrals is available at the touch of a screen. All types of cosmetic and plastic surgery treatments have reached levels of global interest and many patients are willing to travel from other states and countries for surgery. With AestheticLink’s private and secure online consulting, aesthetic physicians are now able to consult with a patient from the luxury of their office at a distance. This not only saves time but also helps the physician and patient get acquainted before they meet in person. In addition, post-surgery care can be conducted easily, even for the patient on-the-go who is too busy to come in for post-procedure visits. In aesthetic surgery, post-operative visits and photo documentation is crucial to help a physician monitor healing, as well as to document recovery. In other cases, patients might have something that troubles them and would take up a lot of time with appointments that are unnecessary, or worse, they might not get in touch with their physician when they should. Saving time is of the essence in an aesthetic practice, and following a patient’s healing process is important to ensure optimal treatment results and patient satisfaction.

Practice Management

Patient scheduling, surgical bookings, monitoring conversion rates, billing, generating insightful reports, inventory control and staffing are now more efficient and cost-effective. According to independent studies, a practice using AestheticLink can increase procedure-based profitability by as much as $700 per hour if a practice uses the technology solution correctly. It also automates the clinical side of the practice, including scheduling of consultations, surgery, online post-procedure follow-ups, and future appointments.”

On a practical side, AestheticLink enables staff members and physicians to easily manage inventory, including purchasing and usage of items such as fillers, neuromodulators, skin care products, and surgical supplies. In addition, it can provide categorization of all inventory items and real-time analysis reports. This is not only helpful to assess current situations, but also to help predict future growth opportunities, identify problems and other areas that need adjustment, peak times for surgery, and much more.

Practice Marketing

Most aesthetic practices are already using a variety of marketing platforms such as Constant Contact, MailChimp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. AeshteticLink easily integrates with some of these systems and, in some cases, eliminates the need to use separate systems. Patient newsletter design templates, email capture and database management are available via AestheticLink, enabling a practice to fully automate much of its in-office marketing and social media needs. AestheticLink frees up one to two hours per day of staff time and eliminates the need to outsource. By collecting patient knowledge and preferences through its concierge service, AestheticLink facilitates intelligent marketing directly to patients, taking marketing to a whole new level.

EHR (Electronic Health Records)

EHR has been a big buzzword in the aesthetic industry over the last few years, but according to a large number of aesthetic surgeons, many of the systems seem to be overkill for an elective aesthetic practice because they are “generically designed,” and are hugely expensive. The AestheticLink EHR was developed specifically for aesthetic medical practices and helps engage and educate patients.

As Victor Gane notes, “It has been rewarding to see how AestheticLink helps our clients increase productivity and efficiency, while reducing wasted time and drains of valuable practice resources to ultimately deliver a better-managed and more profitable practice.”

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