Following a recent guest appearance on the award winning and popular CBS TV show The Doctors, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Brent Moelleken, M.D., spoke with Aesthetic Insider™ News about his signature procedure LiveFill®.  The Doctors show patient Lisa Monique, who suffered devastating facial scarring as the result of a serious car accident, had been a professional model.


Prior to working with Lisa, Dr. Moelleken had performed many hundreds of LiveFill® procedures for purely cosmetic purposes.   LiveFill® involves using the patient’s own tissue to restore permanent volume to areas of the face. In Lisa’s case, Dr. Moelleken agreed to help her through his 501 C-3 charity “About Face Foundation” which helps victims of abuse or injury. Dr. Moelleken says it was gratifying to be able to use a  procedure he had developed for cosmetic surgery patients, for a purely reconstructive purpose.

In this episode of The Doctors Dr. Brent Moelleken demonstrates LiveFill® and explains in detail how this technique has had a significant improvement on Lisa’s facial scarring.  LiveFill®, a technique pioneered by Dr. Moelleken, offers a permanent treatment for a variety of facial issues including deep wrinkles, scars and the facial wasting or hollowness often associated with aging.  LiveFill® uses untraumatized grafts of living tissue harvested from the patient’s lower abdomen. Dr. Moelleken inserts these grafts resembling strings of pearls into the deflated regions of the face, or in Lisa’s case the deep divots under the scarred area.  LiveFill® is immediately incorporated by the body, much as a skin graft is incorporated in a burn patient’s tissue.   LiveFill® helps rebuild the tissue the patient has lost.

Lisa reports that because the scarring on her face has been dramatically reduced by Dr. Moelleken’s surgery, she feels much more self-confident in her appearance and feels she no longer attracts the unwanted looks and attention from strangers because of her scars.  She has developed a new clothing fashion line and feels very much at home again in the beauty industry.


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