As a leading dermatologist spending 25 years in academia as Chief of Dermatology at UCLA School of Medicine and at the Veteran’s Administration Medical Center, Dr. Madalene Heng is currently in private practice in Camarillo, California. Dr. Heng is the inventor of Psoria-Gold an anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and skin tissue repair skin care line that is used in medical aesthetic practices nationwide. In this interview with Aesthetic Insider News, Dr. Heng discusses the research behind the Psoria-Gold line, the benefits of curcumin in healing wounded skin, and what’s next for this exciting product.

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Madalene Heng, MD, Camarillo, California

What Does Psoria-Gold Do In Terms of Anti-Aging, Sun Damage, Melasma, and Cosmetic Surgery Scar Recovery?

Psoria-Gold is an inhibitor of phosphorylase kinase which is an enzyme released 5 minutes after any kind of skin injury, and which is responsible for turning on the gene for inflammation and scarring. So by blocking it, we are able to prevent inflammation and scarring which is the unsightly effect of injury. It also causes apoptosis, or cell death, of injured cells. By removing the injured cells it allows space for replacement of the injured tissues by a new healthy cell. In other words, it enhances rapidity of repair and wound healing which is essential.

You Have Dedicated Your Medical Career To The Science, Research and Study of Turmeric Which Has Been Used In Traditional Medicine for Thousands of Years. Why Did You Begin This Particular Research?

Initially I was looking for a cause and treatment for psoriasis which we had learned through research is due to a defective switch off mechanism for phosphorylase kinase. Basically, when the skin of a psoriatic individual is injured, it over produces a lot of phosphorylase kinase which cannot be switched off and causes the skin to grow rapidly. The results is that the patient gets an overgrowth of skin that looks like scales, and can spread across the body, depending upon the patient. So, we found that using a phosphorylase kinase inhibitor we were able to heal psoriasis and over the years I developed a protocol to significantly reduce psoriasis. Curcumin is the key ingredient we found to help in this process and it is derived from Turmeric.

Curcumin Is Now The key Ingredient In Psoria-Gold. Can You Explain How This Product Has Gone Beyond The Treatment of Psoriasis To Also Treat Other Skin Conditions Such As Sun Damage, Melasma, Acne and Skin Cancer?

Psoria-Gold now has a lot of uses in a host of conditions. One is sun damage and anti-aging. Psoria-Gold targets damaged cells. When you get acute sun damage like a sunburn, Psoria-Gold rapidly heals it and heals it without scarring. But the ultraviolet light damages the skin and causes DNA damage. When the DNA is damaged, the tissue ages more rapidly and can become a tumor cell with the ability to invade the body. By targeting these damaged cells Psoria-Gold can kill off the pre-cancer cells and prevent tumor formation. So in sun damaged skin it heals the tissue and decreases the chances for the cells to undergo tumor transformation and become skin cancer. With Melasma there is too much pigmentation due generally to sun damage. We recommend using Psoria-Gold to heal the damaged tissue along with an extra layer of sunscreen on the darker spots to avoid further damage. We also recommend Melasma patients to avoid trigger factors for hyperpigmentation such as colognes that can make your skin more photo-damaged, as well as dairy products because lactose intolerance will cause photosensitivity. Also medications such as hydrochlorothiazide which is used as a diuretic and to treat high blood pressure can cause an increase in photosensitivity, as can some deodorants and soaps. We also use Psoria-Gold as an pre- and post-operative treatment after laser or chemical peel skin resurfacing as well as a daily anti-aging remedy.

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Psoria-Gold Skin Care Line

If Somebody Has a Small Pre-Cancer Spot On Their Hand, Face, or Neck, Can They Use Psoria-Gold  To Prevent Further Sun Damage Or The Proliferation Of That Cell’s Growth?

Yes. A lot of the pre-cancers present with scaly lesions called actinic keratosis and by using Prosia-Gold we can repair the sun damaged skin and the actinic keratosis go away. If the actinic keratosis is too advanced and is borderline skin cancer it can still be treated, however, if it worsens it means that  the number of cells killed by Psoria-Gold is less than the number of cells growing because of the cancer and that lesion may need to be cut out. But it is still worth a try because if it goes away it means that the number of cells killed by Psoria-Gold is more than the number of cells grown by the tumor and you’re moving in the right direction. But if it doesn’t improve you should go to your dermatologist and have it biopsied and treated accordingly.

What Was It That Inspired You To Begin Your Research Into The Use of Curcumin and Turmeric?

I was fortunate in the early days to do research in electron microscopy and was one of the first dermatologists to use electron microscopy technology which was groundbreaking at that time. I was studying psoriasis and noticed that there were very few glycogen granules in the psoriatic skin. So I looked at cells that were growing – like basal cell carcinomas and eczema and everything else. They all had a lot of glycogen granules. Only in psoriasis did I see a deep lesion of glycogen granules. So I said, what is the molecule that breaks down glycogen? And the molecule is phosphorylase kinase. So we were looking for a phosphorylase kinase inhibitor and we found it in curcumin. Curcumin is a selective non-competitive phosphorylase kinase inhibitor. It sutures the genes off and the psoriatic individual gets better. So after that we found that it was released 5 minutes after all kinds of injury not just in psoriasis but in eczema, cuts and wounds, as well as burns and sun damaged skin and so on. So we found that it was good for everything induced by injury.

How Does Your Current Research and The Use of Psoria-Gold Translate Into Aesthetics?

Psoria-Gold has proven to be a healing agent. In aesthetic medicine many of the techniques used cause tissue damage – as in cutting – and wounds – as in laser skin resurfacing. For instance, when an aesthetic surgeon performs a laser peel they injure the skin. As precise as today’s lasers are, it is always difficult to injure just the right amount of tissue and not “overshoot” the process itself. The laser treatment, the chemical peel, the surgical cuts that happen after any surgical wound induce scarring, inflammation and the scarring can sometimes lead to unsightly scars like hypertrophic scars and so on. Using Psoria-Gold following a chemical peel, IPL or laser injury, and so on, will help prevent the unsightly scarring and the undesirable side effects of the aesthetic and surgical procedure.

What’s Next For Psoria-Gold?

It’s an exciting time for us as more and more physicians are choosing to use this product in their office. What that means, is that more people suffering with a variety of skin conditions from eczema and psoriasis, to sun damage and melasma will be helped.  We know that as our company grows, so does the number of people that we are able to treat in ways that was never before available in a topical skin care product.

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