The traditional boundaries between core and non-core aesthetic specialties are quickly changing. More medical meetings and medical organizations are encouraging multi-specialty participation and membership. One of the leaders who is helping educate doctors working in aesthetic medicine is facial plastic surgeon John Vartanian, M.D., F.A.C.S., the current chairman of the Ultimate Aesthetic Training Workshop to be held at the Four Seasons Hotel, Doheny Drive, Los Angeles, CA on Saturday October 15, 2016. Dr. Vartanian, a trained facial plastic surgeon with an established practice in Los Angeles, CA has taken on this leadership role because:

  1. The emerging trend of non-core MD’s performing surgical procedures and treatments, as well as RN’s performing non and minimally invasive treatments is happening! Dr. Vartanian feels that it is vitally important to train all aesthetic doctors and nurses in safe techniques to help prevent common mistakes that may occur in the learning curve and that the injections follow aesthetic principles.
  2. Every year we see a broadening array of choices for new technologies and products for non- or minimally invasive procedures and treatments. Even brand new treatment categories such as fat melting using products such as Kythera, or new RF technologies come with a learning curve even for seasoned practitioners, thereby furthering the need for better training. We can now do a lot more for our patients, especially with fillers and neuromodulators which allow us to delay some surgical interventions or by using both surgical and non-surgical options; ultimately we are now able to deliver increasingly superior patient results.
  3. Furthermore I believe that doctors new to aesthetics can safely deliver great patient results and be successful if they follow the golden rule of keeping it simple by selecting and mastering a few procedures, and not trying to offer every procedure right from the start. Only when a procedure or treatment has been mastered should a practice expand into others.
  4. An important key for success taught at The Ultimate Aesthetic Training Workshop is the understanding of a manageable learning curve with new aesthetic procedures.

Dr. John Vartanian will be joined by leading faculty including Dr. John Hilinski, Dr. Kian Karimi and Dr. Alexander Rivkin. The next Ultimate Aesthetic Training workshop will be held at the Four Seasons Hotel, Doheny Drive, Los Angeles on Saturday 10/15/16. A CME accredited course. To register call 949.768.1522.

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