How To Identify A Problem Patient Before Surgery!

Identifying people with a psychological condition that might make them an unsuitable candidate for an aesthetic procedure is difficult to do, especially if the patient is hiding their condition during a consultation. Aesthetic Insider talked with licensed clinical therapist Carla Lundblade, MS, LPC, NCC, about how to spot a problem patient. In addition to your medical evaluation, here are six additional keys that may help you decide whether a patient is right for surgery, or a future risk.

  1. Some patients in their enthusiasm and excitement about the possible results of their treatment or surgical procedure may express unrealistic expectations. Being strongly resistant to your explanation that the actual results will be different to their expectations is a red flag.
  2. Occasionally the front desk receptionist may comment on a prospective patient’s unusual attitude or strange conversation after they call to schedule a consultation. Staff should be encouraged to immediately tell you about these calls so you can be more alert to any strange behaviors.
  3. Unusual rudeness or being unfriendly to the office staff or nurses but excessively nice to the doctor can be another area for concern. Staff should be encouraged to immediately advise you of this type of behavior.
  4. If you have the strong sense after meeting with a new patient that there is something wrong even if you can’t specifically say why, listen to gut – it’s rarely wrong.
  5. If a patient’s decision to have a procedure is based entirely on the cost and they are fighting you over every nickel and dime, it will only get worse AFTER surgery.
  6. Facebook and other social media can sometimes be a great source of publicly available information about people that may give you additional insight about a prospective patient, should you have any concerns once you have met them in person.
Carla Lundblade, MS, LPC, NCC.


Known as the “911 Celebrity Therapist” and the “Public Eye Guru,” Carla Lundblade, MS, LPC, NCC, is an elite skills analyst. She is a licensed clinical therapist and an international consultant for companies and individuals conducting business on a global platform. Carla provides organizational psychology instruction and corporate consulting in the arenas of international media, professional sports, entertainment, legal and the medical industries. To learn more visit

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