Psoria-Gold is a US developed product with notable clinical results for acne and skin aging. OmniCure is the parent company and is based in the USA. However, Psoria Gold is now being noticed by our neighbors in Mexico and is helping patients such as Claudia Hernandez of Leon, Guanajuato, MX gain confidence through clearer and beautiful skin. Claudia developed acne/rosacea at 45 years of age and was so driven to find a solution that she took the time to do research and came across Psoria-Gold® on the Internet. Psoria-Gold® Curcumin Gel is a patented oil-free gel with the active ingredient, curcumin, derived from the Indian spice turmeric. Curcumin is the principal polyphenol responsible for turmeric’s bright yellow color and is what aids acne/rosacea patients. This interview with Claudia Hernandez and Siana Cutter, Director of Operations at OmniCure, discusses the needs of acne and rosacea patients worldwide and how a global community can easily be formed to help people worldwide. To learn more visit

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Siana, How Do You Work With International Clients For Psoria-Gold?

As Director of Operations for Psoria Gold my main mission is to see that our products are recognized internationally and that we are able to help patients located beyond our borders. This is highly possible due to the latest top notch technology and good customer relations. Overseas customers can access us easily via our website and we are able to serve them effectively. I also work very closely as a patient liaison with Dr. Heng’s clinic so when patients like Claudia reach out to Dr. Heng I am able to coordinate everything for them.

Claudia, How Did You Learn About Psoria-Gold?

It was a long and arduous journey but well worth it in the end. My condition began as a small stye on my left eye for which I visited an ophthalmologist. Then I got a second, a third and as the fourth stye came up my eye became really ugly looking and inflamed. At the same time, I began to get acne on my nose and chin so I decided to go to a dermatologist here in Leon, Guanajuato, MX who told me I had rosacea and that there was no cure for it. I was devastated. We tried anti-biotics which helped a little but the minute I stopped taking them, the rosacea would flare up and become more resistant to treatment. My research finally came to fruition when I found a video of Dr. Heng on YouTube. After watching the video and learning about the benefits of Psoria-Gold Curcumin Gel I sent an email to Dr. Heng and Siana responded immediately. This was my turning point. My skin is now acne and rosacea free and is glowing.

Siana, Can You Explain What Age Groups Suffer Most With Acne/Rosacea?

Some rosacea does develop along with teenage acne, but for people who did not suffer teenage acne (or severe teenage acne) they may begin to develop rosacea symptoms in the late 30’s and early 40’s. Occasionally it can develop as late as the early 50’s but it does tend to present different symptoms than when the person was a teenager. Unfortunately many people try to treat it the same way as teenage acne and that’s a big mistake because many of the products used to treat teenage acne actually can make the rosacea worse.  Claudia went to her dermatologist who told her it was incurable and the only solution was to put her on antibiotics which helped in the short term, but once she stopped taking the antibiotics the rosacea became more aggressive and resistant and spread to the point of embarrassment for Claudia.

Claudia, Did Dr. Heng Suggest Any Dietary Changes?

Yes. Dr. Heng asked me to cut dairy products from my diet as well as white flour and sugar which was not a problem for me as I don’t eat a lot of those products, although cheese is an important ingredient in much of our delicious Mexican cuisine which I do enjoy. She also asked that I cut out my cherished chocolate which was hard but I was very committed and the dietary changes actually had a huge effect on reducing the acne/rosacea and helping my complexion remain clear. I have to be honest though… I do sneak a little chocolate occasionally.

Siana, Can You Explain The Medical Relevance Of The Dietary Changes Dr. Heng Suggests?

At Psoria gold we take a preventative approach to health, as related to a treatment approach. That’s why we advise patients on specific actions to be taken during pre-diagnosis, as well as post diagnosis. There are many common food and environmental triggers that cause rosacea. Dairy is a big culprit, as milk contains lactose rather than galactose which is contained in human milk, thus our bodies’ tolerance towards it is lower. This in turn leads to inflammatory conditions in the human body, as well as to poor digestion. Gluten is another ingredient in many foods that leads to serious inflammation in some people. Now you may ask about the specific diet to stick to when faced with Rosacea. We find that a plant based diet of leafy greens including lentils and kales contain lots of antioxidants thus preventing photosensitivity. They also encourage the growth of good bacteria in our bodies while discouraging bad bacteria. In our research we have found that daily intake of nutrient dense foods including pigmented fruits and vegetables, as well as good sources of omega-3 fatty acids such as wild salmon is effective at reducing inflammation and providing solid dietary support to the body, including the skin. We also educate our patients on the hidden dangers in simple household items including soaps, deodorants and perfumes that can cause inflammatory reactions.

Claudia, How Did The Ocular Rosacea Affect You?

Well, it started like a small ball or pimple on my upper eyelid. At first I tried to cover it with make-up, but it got bigger. I thought it was a stye and tried at home remedies to clear it but it just kept getting worse and more bumps developed. I went to an ophthalmologist who removed two of the bumps. It was actually very painful and my eye was red and almost closed for several weeks. It was horrible. Dr. Heng and Siana later explained that the inflammation was so bad because the eyelash follicles had become infected due to excess oil production. Apparently bacteria exists in the eye area due to tearing but it can become inflamed by rosacea and spread to the mucous membrane and nose area, causing severe discomfort. I was fortunate to be able to use the Psoria Gold Sensitive Plus formulation to soothe and repair the tissue around my eye without causing further problems.

Siana, Is It Common To Also Use Oral Anti-Biotics To Treat Rosacea?

At our clinic we find that there are some stages of rosacea that need antibiotics. It really depends on the symptoms present, and the severity of the rosacea. Some of our patients have preferred not to use antibiotics, in which case we prescribe Psoria Gold alongside alternative tropical treatments.

Siana, Does Sun Exposure Increase The Severity of Acne and Rosacea Flare-Ups?

Yes. Sun exposure has been found to be one of the most common environmental factors to aggravate rosacea and to trigger flare-ups. Other triggers involve very hot or cold weather, hot baths, heated beverages and heavy exercise or physical exertion. We advise our patients to avoid any amount of sun exposure as the UVA and UVB rays (ultra violet rays) affect the skin tremendously. Especially in the patient that suffers with rosacea. Sunscreen is particularly important for people whose skin is irritated by exposure to the sun, as well as for anyone who wants to avoid sun damage or skin cancer.

Claudia, How Do You Feel About Your Skin Today?

I feel like a new person! When I compare how I looked in the previous photos I sent to Dr. Heng, to my photos now I can hardly believe the difference. I feel much more confident. My self-esteem levels have shot up to the ceiling, and the days when I detested even something as simple as going to the supermarket are long gone. It’s like I have a new lease on life. My skin is now clear and smooth and I don’t have to try and conceal it with make-up.To learn more about the Psoria-Gold product line visit



To listen to the Aesthetic Insider Radio interview with Siana Cutter and Claudia Hernandez. CLICK HERE!

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