Do you Have The Top 5 Best Characteristics Of A Successful Aesthetic Surgeon?

Recently Aesthetic Insider™ surveyed nurses working with successful high profile aesthetic practices for their opinion of what characteristics most benefit a successful aesthetic surgeon. Here are the results!

Stay Human

Aesthetic medicine is highly competitive. Not only academically, but also in the race to build a successful business. Remembering to remain humble is good for business because it will help keep you better connected with staff and patients. Set a goal to build a culture that includes people, rather than alienates them.

Think Like A Leader

The effective delegation of responsibilities is an important skill!  Maintaining awareness of the current status of delegated tasks is important because small problems that are not addressed can easily develop into larger, time consuming and possibly expensive problems.

Dress for Success

First, second, third and all impressions are important when current and prospective patients meet with their doctor.  Whether you are wearing scrubs or professional attire, a crisp, clean and sharp appearance projects an important positive message about you and the practice; it may make the difference in a patient’s decision to choose you for their aesthetic procedure!

A Winning Smile

The scientific and clinical aspect of medicine should of course only be dealt with carefully and professionally, however, a constant good sense of humor or a friendly smile is one of the best team building tools for staff and a vital sales tool when meeting with current or prospective patients.

Never Rush

Regardless of how busy you are, your patient is a customer and the customer is king (or queen).  A patient who feels that they have had your full care and attention and were treated like royalty will most probably choose you for their procedure and may even refer other patients to you.


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