Nia 24 is a niacin powered skincare line that is based on over 25 years of bio-medical research. Nia 24 helps stimulate DNA repair and rebuild the skin barrier from the inside out. For aesthetic surgeons using advanced skincare products in the practice are becoming an increasingly important part of patient recovery, as well as providing continued skin maintenance after a surgical procedure. Nia 24 is a skincare product of choice for John Vartanian, MD, FACS, a nationally recognized facial plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty and plastic surgery of the aging face at his Los Angeles facial plastic surgery practice. Dr. Vartanian has been featured in the media for his work, and teaches facial plastic surgery at USC-LA County and the West-Los Angeles VA-UCLA. To learn more about Dr. Vartanian visit: To learn more about Nia 24 visit:

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Dr. John Vartanian – Los Angeles, CA Facial Plastic Surgeon

 What is Nia 24?

Nia 24 is a complete skin care program that I offer to all of my patients – female and male. It can be used alone to improve the appearance of the skin as it works to reduce and reverse signs of aging. Our patients use it before, during and after surgery. Even our non-surgical patients love Nia 24.  It’s a very active product that really does improve the skin. It has a micro nutrient delivery system that has been clinically proven to increase the amount of bio active Niacin which is delivered through the skin barrier where it is bio converted to an active form called Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD). This molecule is a co-enzyme that helps in DNA repair, as well as repair of the normal wear and tear of skin tissue, and helps fight against external skin stressors such as pollution, sun exposure, smoking, etc.  To summarize, the pre-cursers that are in Nia 24 go through the skin barrier and become activated to boost the skin’s natural DNA repair mechanisms and helps preserve and improve skin healing from the inside. When it’s applied directly to the skin it creates changes and develops healthy tissue, ultimately giving our patients a youthful radiant complexion.

How do you use Nia24 in your practice?

I’m a believer in good preventative skin care which includes both fighting against solar and environmental damage, as well as pre- and post- laser or chemical peel treatments. There are particular products in the Nia collection that we recommend specifically for the face, neck, décolletage and hands, as well as some that we use in combination with individual laser treatments. Our patients can use Nia 24 for something as simple as repairing the delicate tissue under the eyes, for complete complexion care, or to reduce the appearance of age spots on the hands. At the very least we recommend all of our patients, even the younger ones, do a daily application of the sun protection factor and the other skin healing creams as they are very effective.

Which patients benefit the most from the Nia24 skin care line?

What I see as a facial plastic surgeon is the obvious results a product line such as Nia24 can bring to patients. So while I recommend the sun protection and healing products to our younger patients, it is people who have a fair amount of sun damage and fine lines and wrinkle where I see obvious improvement. All of our patients benefit from Nia24, but the aging patient with sun damage, fine lines, dark spots and freckling see the most dramatic results.


Why is quality skin care important in a plastic surgeon’s office?

 Quality skin care products should be important to everyone. However, there is a lot of marketing and advertising that takes place to convince the public to buy certain brands, which they do. The reason quality skin care is important to me goes beyond branding and marketing. My selection is based on function and effectiveness before, during and after a facial plastic surgery procedure because the goal of most plastic surgery patients is to reverse the appearance of aging.  Nia 24 completes that process and is a skin care line that complements my surgical expertise in that it is proven to restore and revitalize the tissue and prevent future cell damage. It improves what I can do as a surgeon and, not to sound too cliché, is simply the “icing on the cake”.

Why did you select Nia 24 as the product of choice at your practice?

 In aesthetics, skin care is a very crowded space. There are a lot of products to choose from. Besides the fact that Nia 24 has beautiful products and is superbly packaged, the formulation and the actual product is of such high quality that it mirrors a prescription product in that it works on the skin. Secondly, it is a complete collection that has a variety of available products that work to diminish skin aging and help skin recovery. It is a soundly engineered product with active ingredients that give the skin a fighting chance in both recovering from environmental stress and damage, as well as looking better. Several of my dermatology colleagues also recommended it to me as it is a very elegant and well tolerated product which is not always the case with some of the other product lines on the market. My patients want a product that feels good on their skin and gives them the result they desire.

How fast do patients see results with Nia24?

Very fast. Healthier skin has a better chance of regulating its own metabolism and its own wear and tear, so quite often it can do a better job in absorbing extra pigment which can present as freckling or dyschromia’s. Whereas unhealthy skin looks tired and rough or “weathered”. With Nia 24 patients see more vibrant and bright skin within a few weeks to a few months depending upon the extent of damage they present with. Generally within two to three months we notice improvement of variables such as hyper pigmentation, skin texture, firmness and fine lines.

Which aesthetic treatments and procedures does Nia 24 work best with?

We have a wide range of patients in terms of gender and age. Younger patients tend to be rhinoplasty and lip injection patients, while the older patients have facial aging and require rejuvenating procedures. It works well with all of our aesthetic treatments but where Nia 24 really benefits patients is in combination with some of our light laser treatments, some of which are performed on all age groups. We have a light laser called “Clear and Brilliant” that is designed to be effective but with very little down time. The Nia 24 Rapid Deep Pigmentation serum works great with this technique because the “light” laser point creates microscopic holes in the skin (which are not visible) that allow the Nia 24 therapeutic serum to be delivered deep into the skin through these channels. We apply the serum immediately following a laser treatment and leave it on for about 10 minutes then we will take it off and follow it with one of the other Nia 24 epidermal healing and intense recovery moisturizing products. The theory behind this is that we are delivering both deep pigmentation medicine and helping the skin fortify with great nutrients in this 5 to 15 minute period.

What do you recommend for your younger patients?

The Skin Strengthening Complex to be used at night because it helps lock in some of the moisture and it’s a great product for younger skin. Another popular product with younger patients, especially women, is the Cleansing Scrub because it exfoliates the skin and takes away make-up and build-up on the skin that can happen from daily activities. Some of our younger patients also see great benefit from using the Intense Recovery Complex at night time also as it has a deeper penetration and provides overnight repair to the tissue damage as a result of pollution, debris from makeup, etc. Some of them also get the occasional acne breakout or other mild skin issues so by exfoliating they are able to keep their complexion clear.


What other areas of the face and body can benefit from Nia 24 products?

Nia 24 works great alone, or as an addition to other aesthetic treatments. For instance, we have a number of patients who I have used a fractional laser or a CO2 laser to improve the skin on the face, neck or upper chest area. Using the Nia 24 products pre- and post-treatment prepares the tissue for ablation, and then helps with healing and recovery. We then noticed that patients were continuing to see clear, freckle free skin one or two years later because of the continued use of Nia 24 moisturizer and sun protection cream. However, the skin on their hands and arms showed increased freckling and sun damage, so we have developed a new treatment protocol for the back of the hands using a laser treatment followed by Nia 24 renewal and sun protection products, and more recently their hand products. What we found was that patients want to protect the investment they have made in an aesthetic treatment and can do this with the Nia 24 collection. The upper chest – décolletage – is also an area that we treat with great results and for which Nia has a very effective cream.

How does your celebrity clientele like Nia 24?

We have a number of celebrity patients who tell us that they get inundated with free products in the hopes that they will endorse them giving the company that sent them free PR and media exposure. Not only do the celebs get free products, as does their agent and everyone around them.  Our celebrity clientele genuinely like the Nia 24 brand and are willing to pay for it. I have found that regardless of career or level of fame, if a product is good people will like it, use it, and purchase it.  Sometimes, they are so busy traveling or are on-set at some at some out of the way location, or even on a world-tour, making it difficult for them to access their product. In this instance, we will Federal Express it overnight to wherever they are in the world. That way, they always have Nia 24 on hand and can be consistent with their program.

Which Nia 24 products are your personal favorites?

I can’t do without the Sun Protection Cream as I am outdoors a lot on the weekends swimming, hiking, playing soccer – and I really do see a huge difference in my skin when I keep it protected. I also really enjoy the Intensive Recovery Complex as it helps after I have spent time in salty ocean water, or even the chlorinate water in my pool. I carry both products with me daily.

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