Molly Weber, a patient of Dr. Kian Karimi of Rejuva Medical Aesthetics in Los Angeles, CA, is a keen aesthetic surgery patient who understands that in Hollywood, face equals fortune. While Dr. Karimi is a sought after surgeon by celebrities, Aesthetic Insider™ wanted to hear first-hand from an actress with credits in movies, TV shows and on stage, why appearance is so important to her career and how choosing a qualified surgeon can be difficult – especially in Tinsel Town. Molly moved from Pittsburgh, PA for the bright lights of Hollywood and successfully realized her dreams, appearing on shows such as CSI and many others. She has a dedicated interest in the anti-aging and health advantages of aesthetic medicine, as well as a combination of other eastern and western treatments that allow her to be what she calls – the best version of herself. Molly has personally experienced a number of different aesthetic surgeries and treatments and is an expert and highly knowledgeable aesthetic patient. To learn more about Molly visit her IMDB page HERE. To learn more about Dr. Kian Karimi, visit

How does it feel to actually see yourself on TV?

It was very uncomfortable at first. I really thought I was prettier than I thought I looked on-camera, and hearing my voice was upsetting. I always thought I sounded completely different. So, I just stopped watching myself. Most of my friends in the industry say the same thing and don’t watch themselves either.


How is it different from looking at yourself in the mirror?

In the mirror you’re in live time, and you’re controlling every movement. You can laugh, smile, frown, and make all kinds of facial gestures that you are focused on and are making happen. When you’re acting you are in the moment. There are emotions involved and you are not thinking about what your face is doing. Then when you see yourself on camera, you see all kinds of gestures you didn’t know you did and sometimes they aren’t exactly flattering.

Did you like your look on CSI?

No, it was unpleasant. But that’s just me. My friends tell me I looked great. It’s funny; I was in an acting class before CSI with Marg Helgenberger who’s on the show. She came in and said, “Oh, I got a part on this new Jerry Bruckheimer show.  I don’t think anything is going to happen with it though.” And then two years later I auditioned and got a role on it too, and the show has been a huge hit.”

Can you tell me about aesthetic surgery attitudes and the importance of a youthful look in Hollywood?

It’s an obsession, and I would say sometimes it can reach unhealthy levels. Hollywood is a “looks” business and everyone associated with it wants to look gorgeous, so it makes sense that plastic surgery is a serious option for many people. Every year the bar is raised and producers want actors and actresses who are perfect 10s, which as we all know doesn’t really exist. Both men and women in Hollywood are faced with daily scrutiny, are very aware of their looks and are trying to stay looking young and attractive for the camera, because when the lights are on, and the camera is rolling, every freckle and flaw is visible.


What do you think the balance is between looking natural and not over-done?

I think you have to keep the obsession in check and also find a really good doctor who has a great aesthetic. Some people in Hollywood don’t know when to stop so they need a good doctor who isn’t afraid of telling them “enough is enough”. I’m one of those people! LOL. When I went to Dr. Karimi for the first time, I had duck lips. He was honest and said we need to deflate those because they are too big for your face. I knew it, but something about me wanted bigger lips even though I knew they were wrong for me and they looked completely fake. However, I trusted him, and I let him deflate my lips. He re-did them and now they are perfectly proportioned and you would never know that I had filler in them. His philosophy is that “good work should not look like work at all.” It’s also a good idea to keep friends around you who will tell you if you are going too far. I have friends who are so prone to going too far, and they actually appreciate it when I tell them when to stop.

Can you tell me more about the advice Dr. Kian Karimi gives, and why he is so helpful?

Recently I went to him because in a moment of madness I decided I wanted my lips to be bigger for the Thanksgiving holiday coming up. He agreed that they had lost a little bit of the fullness and did a slight touch up, but then said “Molly that’s it”.  I retaliated a bit, because I wanted more but he said “Nope, you are good”. I looked in the mirror, and once I put on lip gloss, they did look real and beautiful and not over-done.  You have to remember that Hollywood is all about drama, and we are all drama queens and find ourselves thinking – if slightly more is pretty, then even more is going to be even prettier. So, in my opinion you need a doctor who is going to help you keep that in check. Dr. Karimi is so great about it too. He had no judgement that my lips were too big initially; he was just like, let’s take them down. There was no shaming about having duck lips. He just has the best bedside manner of any plastic surgeon I’ve ever met. And I’ve been to a lot!

What other procedures did you have and how did you become a patient of Dr. Kian Karimi?

I had my first nose job by one doctor, whose name I won’t say, but he was one of the most prominent rhinoplasty surgeons in Los Angeles. He does everyone’s nose and he is very well known and so I thought – no problem. However, he made a horrible mistake on me that supposedly only happens a very small percentage of the time. I won’t go into detail about it, but I did eventually find a surgeon in New York who was able to repair my nose and I’m now pretty happy with it. I have also had a lower blepharoplasty which I am really happy with, and some years ago I had to undergo a bilateral mastectomy due to a BRCA1 gene mutation. I actually had Angelina Jolie’s surgical team do the removal and the reconstruction. That was not a walk in the park. It was really hard and took a long time to heal, but I look great now; you would never know I had a mastectomy. More recently, I’ve had fillers and the new NovaThread® procedure by Dr. Karimi for my lower face which I am very, very happy with.

How did you like the NovaThread® procedure?

I had it done the first-time I went in. It’s super subtle and there was no pain involved. It’s the slightest lift. Particularly, he lifted the nasolabial area, as well as the area around my jaw line. Even though it was a slight lift, there is no doubt that the skin is much tighter, and my jawline is more defined.


What advice would you give to others about searching for the right aesthetic surgeon?

I personally prefer to go by referrals, but I would say if you’re getting something done to your face, then go to Dr. Karimi. No seriously, he is the best. I’m really happy that I found him. As mentioned, I’ve had a previous bad experience, so I am now an advocate of making smart choices. I encourage everyone to decide what is the procedure they want, then do your homework and research to find the best surgeon that you can. I would also ask to see pictures, ask for references and to speak with other patients who have the procedure I am interested in if possible. A second opinion is also useful if you are new to aesthetic surgery. Another point I always make is that once you have selected a doctor, perhaps start with something that is small, like a little filler procedure, or Botox. That way you can see their aesthetic and if you don’t like it, it can be reversed or at the least, it will wear off. I would recommend that before going under the knife or having a procedure that is really difficult to reverse if it doesn’t work out.

Do you have any advice about the price of an aesthetic surgical procedure?

Yes. You get what you pay for. Don’t be cheap, and don’t pay triple the price you know is the going rate. There is always a good in between price that is the norm for most qualified experts. Go with that price. For example, the reconstruction surgery part of my mastectomy was not covered by health insurance and it was very pricey. But for something of that magnitude, you have to choose the best surgeon and you have to pay them what they’re worth. With any procedure though, you want to get it right the first time, even if it costs a little bit more. If you make the wrong selection because you went cheap, you will pay more in the long run because you will have to pay for the revision, or revisions. You really want to hit it out of the park the first time.

To learn more about Molly Weber, visit her IMDB page HERE. To learn more about Dr. Kian Karimi, visit



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