An all-time favorite of the aesthetic industry, Oxygenetix breathable make-up just received more star powered approval with the recent acknowledgement by Kourtney Kardashian that it is her favorite make-up of choice! She even has it in a variety of colors so that the skin on her face remains even toned and matching after tanning.

The beauty of Oygenetix is more than skin deep as it is the only oxygen permeable makeup on the market and provides flawless coverage for specific skin tones, as well as soothing properties that promote healing and rejuvenation in post-surgical skin.  Oxygenetix’s breathable, oxygen-enriched formula speeds up the body’s cell production of collagen and elastin which, according to industry experts, causes a quicker healing process for post-surgical patients. Oxygenetix’s key ingredient Ceravitae is a super charged oxygen complex that attracts high amounts of oxygen into the skin which stimulates cell growth and keeps the skin strong and healthy.

Since it can be used safely on a variety of post-procedural skin treatments such as Laser Hair Removal, Laser and Chemical Peels, Rhinoplasty, Acne/Rosacea treatments, burns, facial surgeries and more, Oxygenetix has taken the aesthetic industry by storm. Furthermore, it is transfer and water resistant, which allows it to stay on for hours even in humid environments, and its SPF-25 formula keeps harmful UV rays from affecting already damaged skin. Its oxygen-enriched and natural components make it virtually a second skin.

At Aesthetic Insider™ we’re happy to see this product receive another Hollywood endorsement. A BIG thank you to Kourtney Kardashian!

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