As new technologies and procedures become increasingly available so has the demand for more non-surgical and also surgical procedures. Learning how to efficiently manage  interest from prospective and current patients is a difficult challenge for many aesthetic practices.  In this interview, Shana Greenlee, Director of Marketing at The Centre, P.C. in Mishawaka, Indiana discusses with Aesthetic Insider™ Radio the best practices for patient scheduling, outstanding lead management and the importance of delivering the ultimate VIP patient experience for the utmost practice success.  Shana Greenlee explains how Red Spot Interactive manages their ROI, new patient leads, and schedules new patient appointments and how that has been critical to their overall success. To learn more about Red Spot Interactive, visit To learn more about The Centre, P.C., visit

Shana Greenlee

Tell us about yourself and The Centre, P.C.
I’m the Director of Marketing and the Director of Cosmetic Surgery at The Centre P.C.  and we have been in practice for over twenty six years with Dr. Ronald Downs and Dr. Patrick Viscardi as our lead physicians. The Center P.C. offers cosmetic and reconstructive surgery as well as a medical spa, wellness center and therapy center.

How does the practice ensure the overall effectiveness of its patient scheduling process?
With the help of Red Spot Interactive we have a very effective scheduling process and consequently we are able to deliver a VIP treatment to each patient. Since our practice is tremendously popular, Red Spot Interactive has been critical in our success of delivering that VIP treatment through their call answering service, which is able to answer the numerous questions newer patients have when considering a cosmetic procedure that we simply do not have the time to answer on our own and still deliver that VIP experience.  Red Spot Interactive schedules appointments for us which has been immensely helpful since we have such a large call volume. They have created a wonderful system and they track everything which allows me as the Marketing Director to see which campaigns are working or not.

Does Red Spot Interactive allow you to monitor lead conversion rates?
Absolutely, measuring the conversion rate is especially important to me. If I’m spending a significant amount of money in marketing and I am managing our Facebook Live and other videos, I want to see that it is converting to patient consultations.  Red Spot Interactive allows us to monitor conversion rates with the use of a dashboard. In the dashboard, we are able to see the whole process from the initial phone call the patient made, to the new patient consultation, all the way through to when they complete a procedure, and how much they spent.  What I especially like is that I can continue to see new and existing patient activity, and see which of our marketing efforts converted each patient.

What are some of the most important conversion metrics that you monitor?
Patients primarily contact us via an email or phone call, making those two mediums vitally important to monitor.  Also, it is important for me to oversee our marketing leads, attendance and scheduling rates, and how quickly prospective patients convert into new patients.

How do you handle patients that want to see a doctor, but are not able to schedule a consultation for quite some time due to the doctors’ schedules being booked so far in advance?
Red Spot Interactive is excellent at evaluating the situation of each patient and quickly determines if the call should move forward to the office if there is a pressing need or medical emergency. They will actually transfer that call to the office and let the office staff address the situation to see if there is anything they can do last minute.

How do you keep missed appointments to a minimum?
All patients like to be reminded about their appointment. Red Spot Interactive sends reminders from our practice through emails, texts, and phone calls.  From there, we will go into our system and see if the patient confirms the appointment and if not, my own staff will call or text the patient, reminding them the day before. Unfortunately, no shows are going to happen no matter what, however, Red Spot Interactive has helped our practice keep those rates down by sending out reminders.

How do you prioritize appointments for your aesthetic practice?
Red Spot Interactive is able to prioritize appointments by evaluating each appointment type and the provider. When I initially tried Red Spot Interactive we sat down and went over how each provider likes to prioritize appointments. We do our best to prioritize surgical procedures over non-surgical. It’s all about communication with the providers. We always want to prioritize surgical patients over injectable patients because that is where the doctor wants to spend their time and where profits are maximized.

How do you track the source of your leads?
It’s crucial for me that I know where new patients are coming from and which one of our marketing channels led them to us. Red Spot Interactive tracks and records all the different ways patients come to us from our radio ads to Google ads by directly asking every single patient how they heard about The Center P.C. It is incredibly insightful information for me because it allows me to look at my budget and see ROI. For example if our marketing with Google ad words brought in several new patients, I am going to continue to prioritize my budget in that department. On the opposite end, if we spent a significant amount of money on print ads and did not see a great return on investment from those ads, I am not going to put more money into print marketing. Marketing is expensive and I don’t want to spend money on something that gives us zero patients in return.

What are some of the key factors to successful lead management and patient scheduling?
Giving patients the VIP treatment and experience by delivering excellent customer service fosters good relationships with patient and has a positive outcome when they review the practice. Red Spot Interactive records all our phone calls which is critical because it allows us pull a call and get to the facts if there is a problem. It also gives us one more way to avoid miscommunication and make sure patients are happy. Red Spot Interactive does an excellent job with lead management and as a result our practice has skyrocketed. Our ROI has definitely seen a huge turnover and increased since we started working with them. Red Spot Interactive additionally does drip marketing which I personally love as it is a great way of engaging a patient. For instance, a patient comes in and they have a consultation, then the drip marketing campaign begins. It’s a fantastic tool that Red Spot Interactive has given us; they definitely know what they are doing there. What I saw in our practice is that we needed a solution and they were our solution.  Without them we wouldn’t be as successful as we are.

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