When Melanie Palm, M.D., M.B.A. moved to San Diego, CA helping people who suffered with a variety of skin conditions was her first passion, becoming a leader in laser dermatology came as an unexpected and gratifying calling.

Nominated as “Woman of the Year” by San Diego Magazine, Dr. Palm is an international speaker on laser and light technology. She is also an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Southern California San Diego and founding Director of Art of Skin MD in Solana Beach.

“Helping people obtain a better skin condition is always my first approach, whether I am treating acne or wrinkles,” said Dr. Palm. “I have found that one of my favorite devices is the LUTRONIC® SPECTRA™. I love the Spectra–it’s a very versatile machine that allows me to treat pigmentary issues, blood vessels, enlarged pores, skin texture, and unwanted tattoos of ALL colors with one device.”

Dr. Melanie Palm
Dr. Melanie Palm

According to Dr. Palm the Spectra has been an excellent and innovative device in her practice especially for the treatment of melasma, a frustrating condition for many women. In Dr. Palm’s experience the Spectra gently removes the excess pigment related to melasma over a 12 week treatment period. Her patients have noted that their pigment issues have cleared, their complexion is glowing, pores are minimized, and they use less make-up to camouflage the pigmented area. Dr. Palm teaches on the use of a variety of laser and light technologies including the Lutronic eCO2™ system, the newest, high-end CO2 laser device for laser resurfacing cases.

Laser resurfacing has become the gold standard for treatment of facial wrinkles and loss of skin tone related to sun exposure. Fractionated laser resurfacing can significantly improve the appearance of sun damage and wrinkling of the skin. It is also often the treatment of choice for acne scarring. Vertical lip lines around the mouth, crow’s feet, surgical or burn scars, and brown spots related to sun exposure can all be greatly improved with laser resurfacing.

In her spare time. Dr. Palm is an avid supporter of Angel Faces, a not-for-profit organization that provides support for adolescent girls that have sustained traumatic burn injuries. Her office recently raised over $4000. for the organization.

For more information: www.lutronic.com, www.artofskinmd.com

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