Utilizing the Power of the Media is something Angela O’Mara, President of The Professional Image, Inc., an Orange County, California based PR & Marketing Consulting firm has been doing for over 28 years. In a best-selling book she published Lights! Camera! Action! The POWER of PR, O’Mara details a step-by-step method that her agency has used to get hundreds of aesthetic surgeons on shows such as The Doctors, Dr. Oz, The Today Show, Good Morning America and many other news outlets around the world.

Here are 6 things you can do to help promote your practice to the media and build media success.

1. A single placement in the “right” media outlet is far more valuable than a handful of mentions in lesser known outlets.

2. Watch TV, read magazines and Internet news sites to gain a better knowledge of which media outlet, reporter or writer would feature a story about your practice.

3. Get your staff on board. Utilize time spent with patients to help find patient stories and procedures that you can use to illustrate and explain to consumers the procedures you offer. Unique patient stories are usually of great interest to the media.

4. Use upcoming Holidays as a news angle. i.e. Valentine’s Day Kissable Lips, July 4th Beach Body. Media respond to current news trends.

5. Spread news stories and interviews across your Social Media and on Facebook for maximum benefit.

6. Always be prepared and ready for a media interview with both a print and digital media kit. You just never know when you might get a call from a Top TV Show!

This book is available in soft cover via Amazon.com, or in PDF and audio format  at www.theprofessionalimage.com.

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