Aesthetic Insider recently asked Giles Raine, Vice President of The Professional Image, Inc. a medical specialty PR and Marketing firm that has been in business for over 30 years helping aesthetic surgeons build their practices, for his top five business tips.  Surprisingly Giles told Aesthetic Insider that he has learned some of the best business tips from surgeons. To learn more, visit

Tip 1. Don’t Ignore That “Gut” Feeling
A plastic surgeon with an excellent reputation told me that part of his success was due to intuition. Even though over the years most doctors encounter problem patients, this particular surgeon commented that his gut feeling usually gave him advance warning before a problem occurred. Unfortunately, most of us have been conditioned to override and ignore this important sense and base all of our decisions on logic.  Listening to your gut feeling is important as it may help you identify a problem patient before they become a problem patient.

Tip 2. Am I In Love, Or Not?
Many of TPI’s clients have multiple locations and one doctor with a chain of practices told me that after evaluating all of the clinical and scientific data about a new technology or device, she always takes a step back to ask herself one important question, ‘do I like it or do I love it’?  If she ‘loved’ it after she had reviewed all the data and its efficacy for her patients, she would buy it. What was her final reasoning? She knew that if she was excited about the technology it would be easy to share the excitement with the rest of the practice staff who in turn would want to incorporate it into all patient treatments.

Tip 3. Presentation Is Everything
A surgeon who is also an accomplished chef once told me that ‘people eat with their eyes’.  He went on to say that this powerful thought should translate into excellent presentation of all aspects of a practice.  Regardless of a doctor’s  advanced skills and results, if they do not present their work and everything connected to the practice in a visually appealing manner, their patients (customers) will not see the full value of them and their practice and are much less likely to choose them for their surgical procedure or treatment.

Tip 4. Do what you say, say what you do
At a UK medical meeting a surgeon told me that a traditional British saying and concept is ‘your word is your bond’, and his contemporary interpretation was that even when you do not believe anybody is watching, act as if they are.

Tip 5. Get to the point
A very tech savvy surgeon told me that in our digital age, patients want quick simple answers to almost all questions.  It is always more effective to first communicate complex technical or scientific clinical ideas with an initial brief summary and then if and when appropriate, a detailed one.

In Summary:

  1. Listen to your gut feeling
  2. If you only like it don’t buy it
  3. People eat with their eyes
  4. Your results are judged not evaluated
  5. Simplify complex ideas

The Professional Image, Inc., a full-service PR and Marketing firm, has been representing its clients to the media since 1988. Headed by agency President, Angela O’Mara, and V.P. Giles Raine, TPI has flourished to become one of the leading PR firms in the medical aesthetic surgery industries. TPI prides itself on its commitment and dedication to its clients, as well as its unique and focused approach to PR and Branding. TPI’s success over the years and its longevity in the field of PR, is attributed to its fresh ideas, innovative approach, creative style, media contacts, top notch service, and a proven track record for obtaining excellent results.


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