Dr. Kian Karimi

To support the continuing need by aesthetic providers to increase their expertise, up their game, train their staff, and meet the high expectations of an ever growing patient population, Dr. Kian Karimi, an LA based Facial Plastic Surgeon and internationally known aesthetic educator, has teamed up with a highly qualified group of expert aesthetic surgeons to host the 2nd Annual LA-MCA 2019 Meeting. The LA-MCA (Los Angeles Multi-Specialty Cosmetic Academy) Meeting will be held at the Four Seasons Hotel on Doheny Drive in Los Angeles over the weekend of March 21 – 24, 2019.  In this interview with Aesthetic Insider™, Dr. Karimi discusses the LA-MCA educational goals, the vital need for extra training and the highly academic level of talks, workshops, live training and hands-on cadaver dissection courses that LA-MCA will provide to help aesthetic providers increase their expertise and skill. In addition to its scientific educational goals, LA-MCA 2019 has partnered with many industry business leaders to bring practice strategy talks and training to help doctors build a bigger and better practice, and has partnered with the University of Southern California (USC) to offer an exclusive Cadaver Dissection workshop. To register visit  www.cosmeticacademymeeting.org. To learn more about Dr. Karimi, visit www.rejuvamedical.org.


What is your vision for the LA-MCA 2019 Aesthetic Meeting?
My main vision is for the different aesthetic medical specialties to collaborate under one roof, working closely together with our industry partners to showcase the latest techniques and technologies, discuss the best ways of providing for our patients, and continue to advance and keep up with this rapidly advancing field of medical aesthetics.

Why did you choose the city of Los Angeles to host LA-MCA 2019?
Los Angeles and Beverly Hills is considered the worldwide epicenter of aesthetic surgery both in terms of number and expertise of surgeons, as well as patient demands and trends.  Los Angeles is also a very diverse city in terms of its populace, people, ideals and lifestyle which is revered around the world. I felt that Los Angeles provided a good backdrop for the type of meeting that LA-MCA is, combined with the quality and level of expert teachers we have in LA and its diversity of medical experts enhances our vison.

What makes LA-MCA 2019 different?
One of the main differences of LA-MCA is its terrific faculty. We have over 40 speakers representing every specialty in aesthetics. Each faculty member is on the cutting edge of medical aesthetics and they are really pushing the envelope when it comes to research and results. Their level of expertise and technique is unsurpassed, whether through surgical techniques or non-surgical techniques, or the use of technology such as lasers or threads, or whatever it may be, this is really the central crux of this meeting which I believe is of utmost importance to all that will attend.

Tell us more about the Multi-Specialty speakers at LA-MCA 2019
The aesthetic industry is made up of a range of medical specialties.  Over the years aesthetics in general, both surgical and non-surgical, have been influenced by medical specialties such as plastic and facial plastics surgery, dermatology, oral maxillofacial surgery, urogynecological surgery, ophthalmic surgery, and cosmetic surgery. The LA-MCA speakers have joined together with a common understanding of teaching and educating. As aesthetic procedures continue to grow among our patient population, LA-MCA will continue to educate best practices to its attendees that will benefit the patient and the industry as a whole. We have a truly great team spirit and our speakers are very excited about this opportunity. We have seen a paradigm shift over the last several years and the market trend towards non-surgical procedures and minimally invasive procedures has grown. While it is important to understand and I advocate that surgical procedures should be done by trained specialists and people that are within their own scope of practice, for instance, I feel that abdominoplasty and breast surgery should be performed by a board certified plastic surgeon. However, the real demand and the types of innovation we’ve seen over the last several years is the emerging technology with state-of-the-art lasers and techniques that allow patients to achieve significant and impressive results without undergoing the knife. This provides for a more equal cross-over among the various aesthetic specialties that LA-MCA 2019 is excited to advance.

How difficult was it to get everyone to agree to speak on the weekend of March 21 – 24, 2019?
It was a bit challenging to say the least. Everybody is busy. These speakers are very busy and successful in their own practices, and so it was somewhat daunting, kind of almost like creating and completing a jigsaw puzzle to be able to complete the program but, fortunately, we were able to accommodate most of the invited faculty with a cohesive program.

Tell us about the industry partners that have helped you pull this meeting together so smoothly.
In the real world aesthetic practice it is just so much more than the doctor or the aesthetic specialist.  Furthermore, these meetings simply would not be possible without the generous support of our industry partners.   We are dependent upon our industry partners to provide state-of-the-art technology and instruments so that we can really deliver cutting edge treatments to our patients. One industry partner in particular, Cynosure, has been extremely helpful and shares our vision in terms of creating this multi-specialty meeting by allowing us to utilize their lasers for a live onsite demonstration performed by an expert teacher. We have also seen tremendous support from many other companies who are also bringing their technology to the meeting including Sciton, InMode, Syneron-Candela, Restoration Robotics and NeoGraft. For them to collaborate with us and in some cases bring these very expensive machines in the spirit of being able to demonstrate how these procedures can be performed safely and effectively at the meeting, I think is really key. We are also very grateful to Allergan, Galderma and Revanesse who have been kind enough to provide products for live demonstration and for utilization during the Cadaver Dissection workshop which enables attendees to experience first-hand how to properly inject fillers and neurotoxins. Working with all of these different partners is really important for the meeting.

What can attendees expect from attending this meeting?
Attendees are going to see a very comprehensive program that will hit every aspect of aesthetic medicine and aesthetic surgery, including the face, breast, body and skin, as well as hair restoration and feminine rejuvenation. They can also expect to see the latest in technology including radiofrequency microneedling, subcutaneous radiofrequency, and state of the art lasers that have literally just been developed over the past few years. What’s more though is the location of LA-MCA 2019. The meeting will be held at the Four Seasons Hotel on Doheny Drive in Beverly Hills. Because of the intimate setting of this hotel, attendees will actually be able to have the chance to interact one-on-one with the expert faculty either before or after the talks, or during the breaks. This is a really important part of the meeting, and one of the things that I have found very useful in previous meetings I’ve been involved with.  Also, on Sunday, March 24, 2019, there will be a lot of different activities going on with live demonstrations in both injectables and lasers, as well as legal talks and practice marketing talks so attendees will have access to knowledge and expert training on just about every aspect of the aesthetic practice. Plus a small group will have access to the off-site Cadaver Dissection workshop which is filling up rapidly. In 2019, there will be two separate Cadaver Dissection workshops – surgical and non-surgical – as this was a really popular aspect of LA-MCA last year.

How did it come about that you are working with USC for the Cadaver Dissection workshop?
I’ve been involved with the USC’s Oculofacial Cadaver Course over the last several years and it has been a great experience. It is headed by one of our speakers, Dr. Sandy Zhang-Nuñes, and I was just so impressed with the course and the area is absolutely perfect for LA-MCA’s Cadaver Dissection workshop. We’re planning on having two tracks – a surgical and a non-surgical tract – and it will accommodate those surgeons already board certified in a corresponding discipline that want to increase their skill level, as well as a non-surgical tract for those physicians that want to increase their skill level in injectables including fillers and neuromodulators. The course is limited so that participants can have plenty of time with our expert faculty.

Is this a program just for doctors, or for nurses and staff?
This course is intended as a total practice builder. As many of us know our physician extenders such as physician’s assistants, nurse practitioners and registered nurses are our allies in the aesthetic practice so LA-MCA welcomes doctors, PAs, NPs, RNs and staff to join us and to learn from expert faculty, further strengthen their skills, and help their MD practice owner build a better practice. Bringing staff to a meeting like this is a great way to build a team spirit that will last the lifetime of the practice.

Four Seasons Hotel

Why did you choose the Four Seasons on Doheny as the location for LA-MCA 2019?
To begin with it is a stunning property and very impressive down to every last detail. It is also very comfortable, friendly, is easily accessible and close to Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, as well as Sunset Blvd. and Hollywood. It is only a short drive from Santa Monica and Malibu, so it has a little bit of something for everybody. It is a celebrity hotel, so for those that are star struck, it is a great place to see somebody famous but most of all, the area where the LA-MCA 2019 meeting will be held offers us a private place away from the madding crowd where we can host a stellar educational CME event, in a beautiful, intimate and relaxing atmosphere that offers an indoor/outdoor space that is unsurpassed anywhere else in the area. I am looking forward to seeing everyone there!


To learn more and to register for the LA-MCA 2018 meeting, visit www.cosmeticacademymeeting.org.




To listen to Dr. Karimi’s interview at Aesthetic Insider™ Radio, CLICK HERE!



Daniel Barrett, M.D.- Dermatologist
Daniel Behroozan, M.D.-Dermatologist
Patrick Bitter, Jr., M.D.- Dermatologist
Marc Dauer, M.D.- Hair Restoration Surgeon
Rebecca Fitzgerald, M.D.- Dermatologist
Peter Fodor, M.D.- Plastic Surgeon
Richard D. Gentile, M.D.- Facial Plastic Surgeon
Nima M. Gharavi, MD, PhD-Dermatologist-Dermatology Sub-Chairman
Ashkan Ghavami, M.D.- Plastic Surgeon –
David Ghozland, M.D. -OBGYN and Cosmetic Gynecology
Robert Goldberg, MD – Oculoplastic Surgeon
Chester F. Griffiths MD.- Facial Plastic Surgeon
Kian Karimi, M.D. – Facial Plastic Surgeon- Course Chairman
Gregory Keller, M.D.- Facial Plastic Surgeon
Howard Krauss, M.D.-Oculoplastic Surgeon
Reza Nabavian, M.D.- Plastic Surgeon
James Newman, M.D.-Facial Plastic Surgeon
Michael Newman, M.D.- Plastic Surgeon
Zhang Nunes, M.D.- Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon
Angela O’ Mara- The Professional Image
Anil Rajani, M.D.-Aesthetic Medicine
 Laurence R. Rifkin, D.D.S.- Cosmetic Dentist
Alexander Z. Rivkin, M.D.-Facial Cosmetic Surgeon- Injectables Sub-Chair
Jason Roostaeian, M.D.- Plastic Surgeon – Plastic Surgery Sub-Chairman
Kevin Sadati, D.O.- Facial Plastic Surgeon
Walter Tom, MD-Cosmetic Surgeon – Cosmetic Surgery Sub-Chair
David Samimi, M.D.- Oculoplastic Surgeon
Nima Shemirani, M.D.- Facial Plastic Surgeon
Sarmela Sunder, M.D.- Facial Plastic Surgery-F P Surgery Sub-Chair
Jonathan Sykes, M.D.- Facial Plastic Surgeon- Cadaver Dissection
Mehryar Taban, M.D.-Oculoplastic Surgeon
Walter W. Tom, MD, FACS- Cosmetic Surgery Sub-Chair
John Vartanian, M.D.- Facial Plastic Surgeon
Steven F. Weiner, M.D.-Facial Plastic Surgeon
Steven Yoelin, MD – Oculoplastic Surgeon
Christopher Zoumalan, M.D.- Oculoplastic Surgeon – Oculoplastic Sub-Chair 
Richard Zoumalan, M.D.- Facial Plastic Surgeon

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