FINGERPRINTYou’ve heard all the clichés about individuality. You know, things like “you’re one of a kind”, or “one in a million”, “cream of the crop”, you get our drift.

 True as those clichés might be, many doctors don’t see themselves as individuals. They see themselves as part of a specialty within the medical field. They see themselves as more experienced than other members of that specialty, less experienced or about the same. But they don’t necessarily see themselves as being unique.  However, if you asked 100 or more patients why they selected you or a particular doctor to treat them, each of their answers would be different.  In recent research by Aesthetic MD Insider we asked patients this question and received some surprising answers:

 We asked patients if they remained loyal to their doctor.  82% said YES!  14% said NO.

 Out of that 82%, 65% said they remained loyal because their doctor listened to them and treated their needs.  The remaining 17% said they felt their doctor was well informed, up to date and cared about their general health.

 The 14% that said NO told us that they were unhappy and disloyal based on reasons such as the doctor’s office was too busy, and they had to wait too long which made them feel unimportant.

 BIG Medicine Magazine asked 1000 patients:

 Is a doctor’s website important to you?

85% YES                    15% NO

Is a doctor’s staff important to you?

88% YES                    12% NO

Is a doctor’s surgical and academic training important to you?

100% YES                  0% NO

Is a doctor’s office décor and level of comfort important to you?

91% YES                    9% NO

Is a doctor’s reputation important to you?

99% YES                    1% NO

Are you more likely to book a consultation with a doctor you see in a TV interview?

78% YES                    22% NO

 Next time somebody asks what is unique about you, your answer might simply be “I care about my patients”.

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