Doctors That Make A Difference and Nurses That Rock!

Ever since I was a young girl I have loved magazines. Growing up I had subscriptions to so many different types of magazines and I can vividly recall my excitement when the postman showed up with new editions for me to read. I have never lost this zest for reading, or my love at discovering new things in the pages of my magazines.

Publishing has changed. Many of us now get our news online in digital format and, as a result, have forgotten the joy of hearing the newspaper thud on the driveway as the paper boy cycles by, or the snap of the letterbox followed by a swish of the plastic wrapped magazine as it skins across the carpet. Digital magazines don’t bring that same special excitement that we feel when we hear the sound of the pages rustling as we peruse the content. We can no longer fold the magazine to a page that interests us, a page we want to savor and read later when we have more time to enjoy it.¬† What a digital magazine does bring us, however, is more timely news. In some cases, instant news. A digital magazine brings us stories we can easily share with family, friends and colleagues.

This month, our Editorial Team wants to share with you stories that matter. Stories of real people in the aesthetic industry that are making a difference. Not just doctors, but nurses as well.

The aesthetic industry is not only about clinical science, it is much more. It is an industry that attracts many of the most creative and brightest minds of the 21st Century. I have worked in the aesthetic industry for over 30 years and have met so many interesting doctors, nurses, staff members, CEO’s of large corporations, manufacturers and scientific product developers who are, in addition to being leaders within their specialty, also real people that have fascinating personal stories and interesting lives beyond their professional career.

I hope you enjoy these stories as much as we do here at Aesthetic Insider™, and I hope you share them too!

Angela O’Mara, Editor
Aesthetic Insider™¬†Magazine


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