HDpdo Threads: The NEW Gold Standard in PDO Thread Lifting

Aesthetic medicine has now reached an exciting tipping point with the use of a new generation of PDO (Polydioxanone) Threads that allow aesthetic doctors the ability to deliver exceptional non-surgical aesthetic results. In this interview with Aesthetic Insider™ Arash Kalantari, CEO of Med Results, Inc., distributors of the innovative and advanced FDA cleared HDpdo threads, explains why HDpdo is now considered the new gold standard for advanced longer lasting absorbable threads. Manufactured in Italy by the leading European thread maker Promoitalia, HDpdo are a completely absorbable, safe, and effective non-surgical alternative for some short-term facial and body lift procedures. Not only do they deliver exceptional patient results, but when strategically marketed to aesthetic patients will also have a significant benefit on an aesthetic practice’s bottom line. To learn more about HDpdo. , visit www.HDpdo.com.

How did you begin your career in the aesthetic medical industry?
My education and background is in medicine and I have always had a passion for medical innovations and technology so my wife Zara and I founded a company called Medaria in 1999 that works in the medical industry in Europe and the Middle East and now has over fifty-five employees. In 2015, we founded Med-Results here in the USA and we have now become active in the aesthetic market with HDpdo PDO Threads and also our own patented technology for feminine rejuvenation called Higgs.

What made you first become interested in the PDO Threads?
After the success of our company Medaria, I was looking for technologies that were trending as well as those showing actual growth in the market and PDO Threads rated high. What drew my attention was not only that the growth rate was high, but they had been redesigned to offer more benefit to the patient. I try to use my knowledge of medicine and my knowledge of technology to solve problems especially when it comes to aging and I found that the new uses for PDO Threads and their market potential to be very exciting.

Why do you think PDO Threads are one of the fastest growing procedures in aesthetics?
For years we have been talking about obtaining natural results in aesthetics but less than a decade ago cosmetic surgery results such as lip fillers for instance did not look natural.  There was also a trend a few years ago where people were talking more about what surgery they had, or were discussing their laser hair removal publicly. Nowadays people are much more secretive again about their cosmetic procedures and they want natural results. Everybody wants to say that this is my own face, this is my own body and I didn’t receive any kind of surgical assistance. PDO Threads can create a natural result and they are not risky compare to surgery. Therefore, PDO Threads being non-surgical and, when performed by a trained doctor, are natural looking have become the obvious choice by both patients and doctors making HDpdo one of the fastest growing aesthetic procedures available.

What makes HDpdo  threads the Gold Standard?
HDpdo  is an FDA approved product like some of the other PDO Threads available, however, I believe that the HDpdo thread is produced to a much higher manufacturing standard than some of the others on the market. HDpdo is produced in Europe – Rome, Italy to be exact – in a facility that follows European medical production guidelines exactly. The production facility in Italy owns the technology to manufacture the PDO substance and manufactures the actual Thread which makes it very unique and proprietary. HDpdo threads have a great track record and when compared to other threads are considered by many to be of far superior quality.

Can you explain Polydioxanone?
Polydioxanone or PDO is basically a polymer and, it seems, a polymer that the body is familiar with and one that has little to no reaction in the human body. It has been used for surgical suturing for decades and is considered extremely safe to use. Normal polydioxanone is made to be absorbed as in the case of absorbable stitches during surgery, but for cosmetic rejuvenation purposes it needs more longevity so that it can last for several months to years. In terms of longevity, the PDO that we manufacture to create the HDpdo Thread is medically designed to be high density HD more durable and long lasting and that’s why doctors are having such a great result with this HDpdo product.

How are the HDpdo Threads different?
The polymer that we use for HDpdo is made for lifting, it’s made for rejuvenation. It’s not made for suturing, so it’s totally different. The crystallization and the quality of this HD-PDO is also different than normal PDO and we are able to offer different types of PDO Threads. For example, one of our series of PDO Threads last between six to eight months, and another series lasts up to two years. Also, we have created a special device which was designed in Italy and is responsible to create the barbs equally. One of the important features of these new generation PDO Threads is that the barbs must be created equally so that they lift the tissue and create the same amount of collagen or microfibrosis necessary for asymmetrical results over time. Another important device we use scans every single barb in the production line and if a piece of thread is not exactly similar it does not qualify which makes the HDpdo Threads unique.

How long can a patient expect an HDpdo Thread lift procedure to last?
It really depends on which kind of procedure they are going through. The minimum length of time is eight month for some indications, to eighteen months for other indications and some of the threads last up to three years.

What areas of the face and body do HDpdo Threads work best?
What I admire most about the HDpdo Threads is the natural result they create and the variety of indications we can treat with them. We basically have many different kits suited to different treatments. My favorite is what we call the OMG Kit named because when patients first see their result they always say, “OMG – I love it.” Another favorite is the Beverly Lift Kit which is more specific to the face, cheek, marionette lines, etc.  Overall the HDpdo threads work very well on many areas of the face and body including frown lines, eyebrows, periorbital area, as well as the breast, buttocks, knees, and underarms as well.

Can a patient maintain their appearance once the thread has absorbed?
One of the great things about HDpdo Threads is that due to the quality of the thread and the amount of collagen production – microfibrosis – that is attained even after two of three years is generally very good. After time, a patient will most likely require more threads to be placed but not as much as with their first procedure as the collagen production will last, therefore, they will require only a few new threads for maintenance.

Are any incisions required with this technique?
No that is a thing of the past. The new threads do not require incisions and, in most cases, very little if any anesthesia or injectable numbing solution. With our more recent techniques and the quality of the threads we use, most patients are comfortable with a topical numbing cream.

What other procedures work in combination with PDO Threads?
Fillers and neurotoxins, as well as treatments that improve skin tone and texture work really well with PDO Threads. Often times, a doctor can use less filler as the threads provide a nice lift. The other procedure that works well with thread is PLEXR, plexr is our new method for excess skin reduction. People who are using threads are aware of the fact that if you can get rid of the excess skin along with threads, the achieved results will be super exciting. We have training courses on non-surgical blepharoplasty as well using plexr technology.

Does Med-Results offer training to doctors on HDpdo Threads?
Yes. Every thread has its own technique and with HDpdo we offer two different trainings all across the USA. The training is a key point for us and is based on true medical indications and results. It’s not based on what we can provide, it’s based on what a doctor can provide to a patient using our technology and our product. During the training we go over each indication and we teach our attendees how to use a thread to attain an exact clinical result which we have found is really important to the doctor. I’m very proud of our training sessions.

To learn more about Med-Results and HDpdo Threads, visit www.HDpdo.com.

To watch an HDpdo training video, CLICK HERE!


To listen to Arash Kalantari’s interview at Aesthetic Insider™ Radio, CLICK HERE!

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