Top Patient Cosmetic Procedures In 2021

Jacob Haiavy, MD, a cosmetic surgeon who practices at Inland Cosmetic Surgery in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and is the former President of the California Academy of Cosmetic Surgery discusses with Aesthetic Insider™ the TOP patient wants in 2021 and in particular an advanced breast augmentation technique known as TUBA. Dr. Haiavy has over two decades of experience as a cosmetic surgeon performing a broad variety of cosmetic procedures and treatments, combined with his personal philosophy of ‘Natural By Haiavy™’ which is his method of delivering vibrant and youthful precision results combined with natural aesthetic balance. To learn more about Dr. Haiavy and the aesthetic beauty and anti-aging procedures offered at Inland Cosmetic Surgery, visit or call (909) 987-0899.

A Natural Look
Looking natural, especially when it comes to facial features and procedures tops the list among the majority of our patients. From the beginning and throughout my training, the stress was to make sure that the final result always looked natural. This applies to where we place incisions or the techniques used for enhancing, whether we’re enlarging breasts, or changing other features or body shapes the effect most desired is a completely natural appearance and is something we strive for.

Mommy Makeovers
Mommy Makeovers generally include a breast lift and/or breast augmentation and a tummy tuck or mini-tummy tuck, these are very popular among our female patients that want to regain their pre-pregnancy body. Some of our patients want to also include liposuction with a Mommy Makeover procedure to improve the overall outcome.
A Perfect “Innie™” belly buttons are one of our specialties that we pride ourselves in here at Inland Cosmetic Surgery We have perfected and also trademarked, the “Inland Innie™”. This is a procedure to recreate a natural looking belly button after a tummy tuck or to correct a belly button that has changed due to pregnancy or weight gain/weight loss. We are able to recreate the belly button so that it looks more attractive especially for patients that want to wear a bikini with an invisible scar that is hidden under the hood.

TUBA Breast Augmentation
TUBA – Transumbilical Breast Augmentation – is a scar free form of breast augmentation as the incision is far away from the breast, we place it inside the belly button so it’s completely hidden and there are no signs of an enhancement on the breast. The procedure is performed using special instruments to create a space underneath the major muscles that can be expanded to allow the implants to be inserted. The only limitation to this procedure is that we can only use saline implants. The implant shell is rolled so that it can be inserted via a tunneling technique. Then it is unrolled and placed underneath the muscle to create a complete natural and incision free result. This procedure also provides less discomfort after surgery and the patient has no restrictions in arm movement and less healing is required. Sensation is regained faster which is another added benefit that patients like. I have performed over 5,000 TUBA’s and patients are very happy with the results.

A Good Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)
Another popular procedure is rhinoplasty and trends are showing that patients want the result to look as they imagine it. To help them achieve their desired look, we go through pictures with them to make sure their ideal is realistic with what nature gave them and then the next step is computer imaging. Once the computer image is similar to the patient’s desired look, and the nose appears to be a natural fit for their face, we are able to use that image as a guide to achieve their desired result in the operating room.

Endoscopic Brow Lift
Eyelid surgery is a very popular procedure and for many patients doing a brow lift can greatly improve the appearance of the eyes. With an endoscopic approach to brow lifting, we are able to make five small incisions that are completely concealed in the hairline and lift the eyebrows back into their original position to open up the eye area and lift the upper eyelid tissue. The endoscope magnifies the structures at the forehead, brow and eye area so we can see all the structures on a big screen and perform very careful and safe procedure. Patients love it. It also fits with our ideal of performing completely natural looking procedures.

Fillers & Non-Surgical Options
There are many options of fillers, wrinkle reducers, and non-surgical treatments available to patients that make things very exciting for all of us. The most popular are lip enhancers and wrinkle relaxers. Surprisingly, one of the best fillers on the market continues to be a patient’s own fat. I would definitely add fat transfer to the wish list. Fat has become increasingly popular to use as an alternative option for fillers. Fat transfer may be utilized for volume replacement in the face, breast and body. As we age, we lose volume in the face. There are more than 20 pockets of fat in our face but overtime we lose a third or more of that volume. We prefer to utilize a patient’s own fat over synthetic fillers as we find that it is longer lasting, has less risk of allergy, and is completely natural.

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