Nurses That Rock! Sylvia Silvestri, RN

Sylvia Silvestri - Beverly Hills RN
Sylvia Silvestri – Beverly Hills RN
The traditional method for many nurses to find a job when starting their nursing career is either through a nursing employment agency, a hospital HR department or even the classified section of a trade journal. However, Sylvia Silvestri’s path to nursing entrepreneurship has an almost “true Hollywood story” ring to it. But then luck is a combination of opportunity and preparation!

Sylvia gained her RN degree at the Loma Linda Medical Center in Loma Linda, CA. Like many Los Angeles residents who live within sight of the Hollywood sign and are used to the frequent celebrity sightings at local restaurants, stores and coffee shops, Sylvia never considered that she would become an important part of this world. Upon graduation Sylvia literally met her future boss and mentor who would completely change the course of her professional career, after she moved into a new apartment in Los Angeles, CA, and happened to move in next door to a plastic surgeon.

“I was very fortunate that I fell into the aesthetic industry by chance,” said Sylvia. “I moved in next door to Dr. Richard Ellenbogen, a plastic surgeon. We became instant friends and he and his nurse trained me on all aspects of plastic surgery.”

That was seventeen years ago and since that time Sylvia has worked with many award winning TV shows and their featured doctors. TV cameras have since become a frequent part of Sylvia’s professional work life. A nurse is, of course, a vital and indispensable part of the surgical process and Sylvia has helped with the enhancement, perfection and recovery of some of the most celebrated beauties of our time. Working in the busiest and most exclusive operating rooms and recovery facilities throughout the Los Angeles area, from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center to private operating suites in Beverly Hills and beyond, Sylvia’s is now as sought after as the doctors for whom she has assisted. Her ability to work with the special requirements of Hollywood celebrity patients has placed her in the unique position of being the go to person when a media crew needs a real nurse for a TV shoot.

Sylvia has worked with many of the top physicians including Dr. Jason Diamond, of E! TV Dr. 90210 fame, as well as other doctors featured on award winning TV shows and networks such as The Swan, MTV, VH1, Entertainment Tonight, CNN and many others.

While she still greatly enjoys working in the operating room, her career path has grown to where she now also consults for several major aesthetic manufacturing companies, trains other medical professionals in the administration of facial fillers and a variety of skin enhancing treatments, and assists in selecting surgeons for travel to Dubai and other foreign countries.

“I also travel three or four times a year myself to New York and Nevada to teach and train other practitioners,” said Sylvia. “Having licenses in different states is very beneficial as I have connections all over the country and it allows me to visit and inject patients in other states, and offer training courses.”

Being a nurse in Beverly Hills is very competitive according to Sylvia. Doctors and patients are used to the very best and can both be equally as demanding. While patient care and physician support is extremely important no matter where you live, it is often taken to a whole new level In Beverly Hills, where face equals fortune, and nothing less than perfection is the expectation.

“Beverly Hills was intimidating when I first started working there seventeen years ago as I was surrounded by so many amazing and talented doctors and people with fascinating lives. It took me over six months to feel comfortable,” says Sylvia. “Now I walk around in my scrubs just like the doctors do. I can hardly turn a corner without running into someone I know, or someone I have worked with. It’s a great feeling.”

The unique nature of Sylvia’s work has placed her in the interesting position of being able to offer highly specialized patient centric services. As well as assisting where necessary for surgical procedures, Sylvia also consults and refers patients to doctors for surgery, and trains other physicians and nurses on injectables, microneedling techniques and platelet rich plasma treatments. She’s also adept at offering practice and marketing tips.

Medicine always needs great nurses, and in Beverly Hills, Hollwood and Los Angeles, it seems the role of the modern day nurse is expanding far beyond the OR. To learn more visit

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