Is Social Networking For YOU?


Deciding where to spend time on social media networks leaves many of us perplexed. According to the Pew Research Center, three out of four Internet users are on social media. Their site preferences, however, are split. Perhaps these statistics will help you decide where to best place your efforts.

1. 71% of Internet users like Facebook, and nearly half of them are older than you think.

2. 22% of Internet users like Pinterest and Linkedin. Those users with a college degree and an income of at least $75,000. prefer LinkedIn, and four times more women than men use Pinterest.

3. 18% of Internet users like Twitter and Instagram.

4. Instagram users are aged between 18 – 29 and that demographic has increased from 28 to 37% since 2012.

5. Few Internet users over the age of 50 use Twitter or Instagram.

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