Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Laurence Rifkin discusses with Aesthetic Insider™ medical practice design and ways to make the patient experience first class and comfortable with state-of-the-art technology and design, reintroducing patients into the practice once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, and how a dental practice can interact and work with other aesthetic providers such as plastic and cosmetic surgeons. Dr. Rifkin has revolutionized cosmetic dentistry by creating a comprehensive patient experience that addresses the entire face. His facial rejuvenation services are in high demand from patients seeking exclusive, full service care and he is one of the most sought after cosmetic dentists in Beverly Hills. To learn more about Dr. Rifkin, visit www, or call 310.273.0200.

How will patients experience dentistry post- or with COVID-19?
First of all patient safety and our office protocols are of utmost importance in our overall office and patient re-entry program and design. During the last two months of COVID-19 shutdown we have used the time to continue the remodeling of our office into an even better, patient friendly/safety first environment while maintaining the luxurious surroundings and treatment plans our patients have come to expect at Laurence Rifkin, DDS.

What new protocols and treatments have been put into effect?
First, we have integrated an in house STATE-OF-THE-ART LABORATORY. This means that there will be less transport of dental impressions and materials which is ultimately more hygienic. We are also moving towards digital design and fabrication of veneers and dental restorations in concert with hand-made craftsmanship for optimal fit and cosmetics which will provide superior results.

Sterilization and sanitization are big buzz words now in healthcare so we have been UPGRADING TREATMENT ROOMS for added sterilization including adding potentially the efficacy of UV lighting for sanitization, HVE (high volume evacuation) in addition to our already effective vacuum systems to reduce aerosols, continued use of the dental operating microscope and TV monitors which can move the dental staff further even away from the patient while maintaining and even increasing the detail of precision treatment. As more COVID-19 research is performed and the CDC issues further guidelines to dentists and other medical practitioners, we are ready to implement new protocols too.

Patients love our reception area as the big windows offer such a spectacular view of Beverly Hills and the beautiful Santa Monica mountain range and while we want to keep our comfortable environment, we do have to implement increased spacing requirements. Therefore, we have completely redesigned our reception area and included a beverage station and concierge services for patients undergoing longer treatments. Our concierge will greet and screen patients, ask general health questions, provide masks, hand sanitizer, shoe covers and take the patient’s temperature. We already have enhanced oral hygiene protocols pre- treatment in place (which requires each patient to floss and brush their teeth, and rinse with an anti-bacterial mouthwash in the office before treatment or examination begins) which we will continue.

We are also taking staff temperature daily, and will conduct saliva testing as it becomes available. In the dental office staff already wear disposable gloves and masks and are vigorous about hand-washing, instrument cleaning and hygiene standards. They can also expect more PPE, fewer patients per day and more attention and time for appointments.

How do you feel patients will respond to dental treatment post- and during COVID-19?
While some cosmetic dental treatments are elective, overall dentistry is a necessity and good dentistry is very important to the patient. I believe the more safety and comfort we can provide in the dental arena, the better a patient will respond. My patients want great looking teeth, healthy gums and overall great health so I think they will respond well as long as the practitioner is sensitive to their needs.





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